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Brad Pitt’s Obsession with Leather Jacket

Posted by ON Dec 3rd, 2012, AT 11:32 AM

Celebrities and outfits have been associated since centuries. However, today we all prefer to stay updated with modern fashion trends and leather jackets serve this purpose very well. 

In fact, many fashion experts opine that jackets are like wine and they get better and better with time. Thus, owning a classy leather jacket alike the one sported by the Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt will not only uplift your look, but will also perk up your wardrobe.

Brad Pitt has been a great trendsetter when talking about fashion clothing. Be it rugged jackets, colored shirts or blazers, Pitt manages to pull up his look in the most streamlined and excellent way making a phenomenal fashion statement.

In fact, Brad Pitt has donned stunning blazers in a lot of his movies, but the most popular clothing pieces worn by Pitt were leather jackets without any doubts. He made an excellent fashion statement with some great and highly fashionable leather jackets. His nicely tailored and classy jackets are always in fad and loads of Pitt’s fans too tend to follow the style statement made by Brad. He wore one such trendy jacket in the movie Fight Club. The jacket became a rage all over the world soon after the release of movie making it highly sought after and popular.

Brad Pitt portrayed the role of Tyler in the movie. The character was of a courageous and rebellious man, who stood against the consumerism values of the world. The character of Tyler required a bold, rugged and rough look and thus, jacket was a must to portray the character in its actual essence. Even though the outfits that Brad wore in the movie well suited the character, but the red leather jacket apart from complementing his character also turned out to become a rage among the fans of Brad.

The neat fit and stylish cuts of the jacket made Brad look very iconic and sexy. The fine white stitch rendered a complete new facet to jacket designers. It had four buttons on its frontal side to give it a sophisticated look, whereas the flapped pockets on its waistline characterized a cool look.

Brad Pitt sported the jacket with extreme style in the movie. The jacket became a must have outfit for every fan of Brad Pitt on the planet.

Even years after the movie’s release, the jacket is still a fashionable outfit craved by many diehard fans of Brad Pitt.

So if you are one among the avid fans of Brad Pitt, then a leather jacket of similar style is sure to reflect your love and craze for this versatile actor.

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