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Four Beauty Blunders to Avoid

Posted by ON Nov 30th, 2012, AT 12:37 PM

One often makes the mistake of stepping on the wrong ladder in this fashion scenario. Listed below is a list of common beauty blunders which women make and how you could do away with these beauty faux pas in the future.

Forgetting to apply sunscreen while stepping out

Even if it’s a quick trip to the nearest store or maybe to your office forgetting to apply a sunscreen can create a blunder to your skin. Not applying it is one of the biggest mistake women could do. Make it a habit to use this every day so that you do not fall prey for itchy skin and swelling sensations. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or more than that so that it moisturizes your entire skin. For the hands you can choose an SPF with 35 or maybe higher.

Using same makeup for many years

The same makeup everyday can actually run your own individual way of style and grooming up. Women at the age of 40 must be very careful with their skin as using products which are almost away from their span which could on the other hand show up on your skin. Women do have a habit of wearing the same old makeup for many years. Becoming older means being confident enough to take the pitch and try for something new every now and then.

Cleaning your face with a bathing bar

Using the same soap on your face that you rub on your body doesn’t go hand in hand as the alkaline properties in it require completely diverse methods of skin care. As the skin on the body is not that sensitive and can be easily washed with just any kind of soap, the skin on your face needs a special treatment, i.e. a formulated product.

The pH level of many bathing bars is strong and it can strip the natural oils from your face. So stick to cleansers which are in particular created to nurture and enrich your vital facial feature.

The proper body fragrance for you

Beautiful fragrances of roses and peaches might not smell good on you. The body’s natural element has its impact on how different perfumes react with your skin. The other natural factors such as stress, hormonal changes and your daily diet can all affect the natural fragrance of your skin and change how a perfume lingers with you.

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