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Leather Jackets – Setting Trends since Decades

Posted by ON Nov 21st, 2012, AT 12:00 PM

Leather jackets as we know have been a major clothing apparel of Hollywood and the British pop culture since decades. In fact, they have become trendsetters today.  

These jackets are extensively renowned in the media sector, as many celebrities and famous personalities have been spotted donning these jackets since years. Some of the famous iconic personalities such as Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have sported these trendy clothing pieces on many occasions. In fact, the list is endless when it comes to jotting down the names of famous people, who have donned these jackets. This in turn has led to extreme popularity of these jackets all across the globe. In fact, the connection of celebs with these apparels has made a unique style statement.

These are available in various styles, colors and designs thus, giving you plenty of options to choose from for any event. Thus, you can pick one depending on the purpose that you intend to wear these jackets for.

Leather jackets also referred to as leather blazers are classified into various categories depending on the purpose you are wearing them and the material they are created from. A few popular categories include classic, biker, bomber, waterproof and racing leather jackets. Further, these are available in various leather types allowing you to choose the one, which suits your body the best. Material types include pigskin, goatskin, lambskin, cowhide, suede, etc.

Celebrities are not only spotted wearing these blazers in movies and events, but they are also seen donning these during casual appearances in their normal lives. These jackets irrespective of the event or occasion that you wear them for are sure to provide a rugged and manly look. Nowadays, designer jackets are in fad and thus, you can get one similar to the one donned by your favorite star or celeb.

Michael Jackson, the king of pop used to sport these jackets in almost all his musical concerts and personal events too. In addition, these are highly popular in the western countries. Nevertheless, the trend has traversed borders and thus, now we can see people sporting leather jackets all over the world.

As we know that today’s youth is highly fashion conscious, leather jackets are extremely popular among the youth of today, as they assist to make a distinct fashion statement. In fact, the influence of these apparels is never going to settle down. This is because leather jackets add a tinge of elegance and style to your looks, persona and are timeless apparels thus, making you stand apart from the crowd.

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