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Leather Kilts and Celebrity

Posted by ON Dec 19th, 2012, AT 4:30 PM

Kilts truly are one of the prominent and popular Scottish clothing options. In fact, these play a vital role in the popularity of the Scottish clothing tradition.   

Today, leather kilts are not just limited to men, as women too can wear these. Kilts have attained massive popularity since centuries among women and men across the globe. In fact, the recent few years saw many Hollywood stars sporting these clothing pieces in many movies had made them more popular and accepted among the masses. Thus, it is quite common to witness people in kilts today.

One of the greatest personalities, who adore leather kilts, is Sean Connery. In fact, Sean is undoubtedly the most loved, famous, fantastic and talented actor in Hollywood. The role of the famous spy “James Bond” rendered him the tag of the most handsome personality in the globe. This producer and Scottish actor also bagged an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor category. Kilts have been a famous clothing piece for Sean since years.

Apart from Sean Connery, there are many other famous actors, who have sported leather kilts in their movies. A few other popular names include Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy.  Furthermore, apart from movies, a few celebrities donned leather kilts for various other events too. Kyle McLachlan is one such popular name, who wore a kilt in a charity fashion event called Dressed to Kilt for raising funds to contribute towards a project known as the Wounded Warrior.

Talking about female celebrities, who have donned leather kilts, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham are two names that top the list.

Several people even link Mel Gibson wit leather kilts for his movie “Braveheart”. Gibson portrayed the main role in this film and was seen wearing kilt. Gibson’s acting in the movie made kilt highly prominent among the masses.

However, it is imperative for you to note that kilt is not like usual outfit and without proper attitude and complementing accessories; it will make an awful impression.

There are doubts among many men as what to sport under the kilt. Here, you ought to know that a kilt is not a skirt. This is evident from those real men, who hold true passion for the Scottish traditions and Highlands.

According to several men, kilts are highly comfortable and provide the required warmth. Most importantly, you ought to carry the leather kilt with the right attitude and fashion sense to appear stylish and unique.

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