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Scarves, Fur Boas and More…

Posted by ON Jan 8th, 2014, AT 11:39 AM

Article looks at the fashion trend of Scarves, Fur Boas and other apparel among women.

Scarves, they are the only apparel which finds meaning irrespective of the time of the year being worn. Wearing a scarf is bound to get attention, though both men and women wear scarves, it’s with women that scarves are really popular. Women wearing scarves are perceived to be classy and of in-depth character. We have seen many Hollywood celebrities like Sophia Lauren, Grace Kelly etc. elegantly wearing them. This winter wearing a scarf will look great, many at times it’s just the missing fabric piece to complete one’s look. Of course it also does the vital job of being a protective layer of clothing and with the severe chill wave going on in the country, wearing a scarf is a necessity.

In this article, let’s look at some of the famous scarves that one can wear.

  • Light colored Scarves

Light scarves can be casually worn around one’s neck or can be worn in a hooded manner which ensures the hair and ears are completely covered. The current trend is having the same color of scarves and blouses.

  • Woolen Scarves for Chilly weather

In the ongoing chilly weather, wearing a woolen scarf can be great accessory to accompany one’s office going clothes. Being made out of woolen material, it serves well to soak in the chill elements of the winter season.   

  • Fur Boas  

When one talks about scarves, one has to mention fur boas. Fur is a very important material that blends both style and comfort for the wearer during the winter season. Miniature boas, whole skins and long scarves are the really popular fur boas.

  • Knitted Scarves

Knitted scarves are really popular and are available in a multitude of colors. Being knitted, they are comparatively much cheaper than fur boas. One could buy them for children and the elderly in the family.

On a concluding note, irrespective of the suggestions above, one ought to remember the thumb rule of wearing only a scarf that suits you and your personality. Each individual is different; her inspiration for wearing a scarf is unique. Like for example the scarves that actresses like Grace Kelly wore are very different in style and appearance when compared to the ones being worn by today’s actresses. If you have a particular reason that you wear a scarf do let us know, because we would love to listen.

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