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Sheep Vs Cow Leather Outfits

Posted by ON Dec 10th, 2012, AT 1:00 PM

Cowhide and sheepskin are two prominent leather types used to make leather outfits. However, many people find it a bit confusing to select from the two types.

Both these leather types are highly durable used for making a huge number of leather jackets, coats, boots, pants, etc. Individuals often tend to ask the question as whether cowhide is thicker than sheepskin leather. They also ask whether cowhide is stiffer and rigid than sheepskin leather. Some things ought to be concise and clear to find out the answers for these questions.

Many people are of the notion that cowhide leather is the strongest due to the cow’s size when it comes to choosing leather outfits and consider cowhide durable compared to sheepskin. One can differentiate both these leather types by the below-mentioned reasons:


You need to know that sheepskin hide is soft as well as comfortable compared to cowhide. Further, it is subject to become softer, silkier and smoother with time. Cowhide can be stiff and rigid if worn on a frequent basis or if you fail to use it rightly. This is because of the rough and stringent trait of cowhide. Due to the rigid and tough nature, individuals prefer cowhide due to the longevity it offers.


Cowhide undoubtedly is more durable and tough than sheepskin and thus, sportspeople, bikers or avid motorcycle riders, racecar drivers, etc hugely prefer leather outfits and gears made from cowhide leather. Sheepskin on the other hand is more prone to wear and tear in comparison with other leather types. This is the reason for which people prefer going for cowhide. In fact, it usually depends upon the thickness of clothing. For instance, sometimes, a good quality leather jacket made from sheep or cow might come with the same thickness level.


Talking about maintenance, cowhide is more resistive to moisture and dirt compared to sheepskin. On the other hand, sheepskin is flame resistant as well as good insulator.


Some people opine that cowhide leather is much softer compared to sheep counterpart and vice-versa. Apparently, there is minimal difference when it comes to smoothness and softness of both these hides.


Outfits created from cowhides are high in quality as well as bear resistant to constant wear and tear due to the rugged and tough nature. Irrespective of the fabric type you prefer, it is highly imperative to take good care of your outfit to make sure that they retain their luster, sheen as well as stay for a long time.

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