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Uncovering the Modern Day Style history of Harem Pants

Posted by ON Feb 13th, 2014, AT 3:54 PM

Harem trousers are baggy long apparels that are tapered at the ankle with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area. These outfits owe their origin to the Arabian Peninsula and are a cross between a skirt and pair of skinny jeans. They are commonly worn using a pleated skirt and are used in belly dancing. They belong to the category of fashion apparels that have constantly evolved through time.

A modern day perspective displays harem as Baggy outfits that are highly popular in the social circuit. They were initially popularized in the 90’s by pop star M.C Hammer who wore them in his music video’s (Can’t touch this) and made them a rage the world over.

In today’s article, we are going to look at what are other styles in which we can wear them. To make the article easy to consume we have divided it into parts like

  • Casual look
  • Sexy Look
  • Unusual look
  • Elegant look

Sporting the Casual look

The Casual look can be worn through multiple angles for the wearer. These trousers are available in multiple fabrics and most popularly in leather as well. Our latest collection for 2014 includes the very best of these leather pants.    Casual lookin harem pants

Sexy look

Baggy apparels when sported with corsets will blend in a unique manner to bring about a suave and sexy look onto you. We already have a great collection of leather corsets that will surely increase the oomph factor in your wardrobe.Sexy look in harem pants

Being Urban while Unusual with jeans vests

Pairing your favorite jeans vest with a super cool leather trouser is a way to display your inner style.Unusual look in harem pants

Blouse and Blazer elegance

Are you looking for attires that will make you the showstopper of your office? Then try pairing your harem apparels with a smart blouse or blazer and you will surely get attention.Elegant look in harem pants

Hope the above suggestions have made you relook at your harem (baggy) pants, these though of conservative origin are meant for the bold modern woman.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article, in case you have a style of your own on how to sport these lovely apparels do let us know.

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