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4 Polka Dot Trends For You

Posted by ON Feb 24th, 2014, AT 5:26 PM

Article looks at four types of polka wears worn by women worldwide. The article goes deep into understanding why they are considered as being timeless apparels.

Polka dots are round, circular dotted prints that spread across a contrasting color thereby makes them are easily visible. In the last century, the dot style has become very popular across the world amongst both men and women.

Though the design is used in many things right from guitars to accessories like hats, inner wear and other fun clothing, it’s essentially in apparel design that they have found their popularity especially among women.

Today’s article is going to celebrate their usage of them in modern day design.

Inner circles

These look best when blended with casual jumpsuits. Their unique mixture is a great way to enjoy the spring weather. Reader Tip: If you are keen on buying the dress below, don’t forget to buy matching accessories like a smart hat and some great sunshades.


 The key to wearing smart polka shorts is of course the other wears like a smart top and shoes. Use your creative imagination and the best shall follow.polka dot shorts

Tops and Blouses

 Wearing a dotted top or blouse is an instant head turner and is sure to warm up the ambience. Women who have resorted to wearing the dotted blouses have found a true feminist feel in them.

If you are looking to soar up the temperature on your date night then you can surely consider wearing this apparel.Polka dot tunnics


When the dot fever had caught on big time, it found place is both traditional and formal apparels. The dot dresses are popular as they blend both sophistication and a modern charm on the wearer.polka dot dresses

On a concluding note, the unique thing about them is that they are instant attention grabbers.

So readers note the first time you wear them don’t be surprised if you are the center of attention. Hope you have enjoyed reading the article, if you have your own unique manner of wearing a polka do let us know.

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