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Stylish Trench Coat


An elegant mix of style and functionality, it exudes character and confidence. Hand stitched from soft lambskin leather ensures comfort fit. Full sleeves and slit cuffs tastefully complement the predominant fall collar.


Why LeatherFads?

You know your favorite clothes, those you can turn to again and again? Ones that fit you like a glove and give you a new look every single time? When you put them on, you know they were crafted, just for you! Well, at LeatherFads we don't just make leather clothes for you. We deliver to you the happiness of comfort, fit, and quality like no other. Whether you have purchased an oversized bomber jacket or a fitted leather dress, we guarantee you will cherish them for years.

If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s a garment that is made exclusively made for you. Each of our leather product, is custom-made and hand-stitched as per the specifications provided by you. Our experts employ their best skills to make a leather garment that will fit you and keep you looking stylish all day long.

More than its style, an outfit needs to feel good on your skin and fit effortlessly on your body. Hence, our lambskin and suede hides are sourced globally in pure quality and are the best-in-class. We understand the kind of precision that needs to go into making the perfect leather jacket or a corset. Every detail, from pattern-making, and stitching to the final finishes, is meticulously monitored and employed by our skilled tailors.

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The Best Leather Apparel At Your Fingertips

If you are looking for the best and most affordable leather clothing or are a leather connoisseur-your quest ends here. At LeatherFads, we offer the trendiest leather products for men, women, and kids; and you can browse from over 100+ unique designs crafted out of genuine leather hides, tailored to your specifications. We are an arm of Fashion Port LLC, based out of Chicago, Illinois.

While we are dedicated fashion enthusiasts, quality and fit are at the heart of LeatherFads.We are a leather clothing store that sources only the best lambskin and suede hides from across the globe. Leather fashion has evolved over the years, from utility-based to fashion-based statements. It has made a name for itself and is here to stay. So, if you are looking to update your work wardrobe or simply plan to turn heads at a party, LeatherFads has it all. This online leather goods store offers a diverse selection of styles, from functional biker and bomber jackets for men to eye-catching dresses for women.

Our styles include:

  • Leather outerwear
  • Leather formal wear
  • Leather casual wear
  • Leather fancy wear

Premium Quality & Craftsmanship

The best quality can uplift any outfit and gives you the confidence to move around in style. So, at LeatherFads, we only believe in delivering the best, and our craftsmanship is a testament to our passion for quality-

  • Curating - We are a genuine leather shop that curates the best hides and materials for crafting your leather outfits. You will find that our lambskin and suede hides are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Craftsmanship - Our patterns are hand cut by our skilled craftsmen, according to your specifications.
  • Made-to-fit - We take care of all the minute details so that your outfit is as per your measurements. Our stylists run a final check and store your specification details in our database for all your future orders.
  • Finishing touches - Just like our leather hides, all our finishing materials are top-notch. We only choose the best quality zipper, buttons, linings, studs, buckles, etc-so that your outfit looks luxurious and remains with you for years to come.


Have you ever been caught in-between sizes or struggled to fit into items purchased from retail leather goods shop? Some people may not find their size, find their waist too tight or their shoulders too wide. We have all been there at some point. A custom leather shop, on the other hand, exclusively tailors the outfit to your fit. What’s more? It’s absolutely hassle-free!

Leatherfads is your online custom leather store that sells more than just leather clothing. We believe everyone is unique, so why should their clothes be the same?

Hence, we offer you the wholesome experience of owning leather apparel that will stay with you for years. You can choose the style, and color of the leather outfit that compliments your personality. They are hand stitched to perfection exclusively by our skilled craftsmen.

While placing the order, be it a leather jacket, a pair of leather chaps, or even a leather vest, we provide a standard-size guide to you as well. Optionally, you can also enter custom measurement details to help us make the outfit tailored to perfection for you.

Alternatively, if you like a leather outfit from a movie or want to design your own, we will replicate it for you. You only need to upload the front and back images of the design, and we will ask you to enter your measurement details while placing the order. The next step is to sit back and relax while our experts get down to business.

Do not worry, we store your patterns for all future custom-made orders as well.

Why Choose LeatherFads?

At Leatherfads, we place you at the core of our business. Our motive is to bring you trendy leather apparel without compromising quality and size. We accomplish this by providing a wholesome experience to you from the start: from effortlessly navigating the website and selecting from a wide range of options to receiving a fit tailored exclusively for you.

Here are a few reasons to choose LeatherFads:

A diverse range of styles

Whether you are an avid biker looking for a durable leather motorcycle jacket or someone who wants to add flair to your work wear wardrobe; turn heads at a party with a sizzling leather dress, or update your casual attire with a leather shirt, you will find a wide variety of styles for men and women, ranging from casual wear to formal wear.

LeatherFads is for everybody.

At LeatherFads, you already know that we don't differentiate between sizes, but did you know that we make leather apparel for all ages too? We are an online leather store specializing in creating the best leather apparel for men and women of all ages.

Order from the comfort of home

We are an online leather store where you can shop the trendiest leather apparel-all from the comfort of your home.

Diverse and customized sizing

You don't have to worry about your size. We understand that everyone is unique and offer all our leather products in custom sizes.

Unique designs

Each design is intricately detailed with one-of-a-kind functional elements or textures. As a result, no two styles are alike, giving you several options.

Global access

No matter where you are, we deliver our premium quality leather apparel worldwide.

User-friendly interface

Whether you are on a couch on a lazy Sunday or multitasking at work, our website is easy to navigate, making it comfortable for you right from selecting the styles of your choice, entering your details, and placing the order.