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Womens Leather Vests Online

You've probably heard of vests for men, the unsung hero of menswear that is an amalgam of a smart and sleek look. But, have you come across ladies' leather vests? If not, then you've come to the right place. Vests are a staple in menswear and their lineage can be traced back to the 17th century. Without a doubt, the evolving times have meticulously reimagined menswear fashion and delivered some of the best styles for women. From clean-cut trousers to boxy blazers, our favorite celebrities and style icons have turned basic formal wear into cool and chic staples.

Suit vests are an indispensable set of men’s attire that is intended to accentuate the entire ensemble. Today, however, vests have become every season's must-have separates and don't require a shirt to be worn underneath them. Further, women’s leather vests add an oomph of charisma to the style. They are stylish and the inherited elegance from menswear makes them a perfect excuse to try something new. Vests are easy to pair with a variety of trousers and can be layered to create an experimental look.

Vests have been preferred for a more functional use aside from style. Female bikers prefer women's leather motorcycle vests for safety while riding due to useful features such as pockets to protect your belongings and padding to protect against dust or abrasion.

Amp up your style with LeatherFads

At LeatherFads, each of our designs is unique and meticulously crafted, so you have several options. Our leather vests are designed from genuine soft lambskin leather that are breathable, durable, and flexible. Our roster boasts of designs from basic and utility based with padding details to very trendy design detailing like flared and biker collars, different kinds of pocket designs, and a wide palette of colors and fits too.

When and where can I wear leather vests?

A women's leather vest fashion perfectly encapsulates the elements of both fashion and function. A versatile must-have, these are also great for cold weather and provide more warmth than they are given credit for. Vests serve as great mid-layers between your body and a jacket keeping your core warm during extremely cold conditions. They are also great options for outdoor activities like casual hikes, cycling, etc. as they give more freedom to arm movement.

For a more fashionable purpose, it really depends on how you style a leather vest. They work great as separates for when you are out on lunch with friends or just out and about to the mall. More stylized design vests with flared collars or biker detailing can be opted for street-style looks when you are attending an event or going out on your first date to make a remarkable impression.

Are vests and waistcoats the same?

A vest and a waistcoat are both sleeveless garments worn over a shirt but there are slight differences in them although they come from the same family.

In some cases, people consider waistcoats as more formal, made using superior quality material, and worn over a shirt. They are an indispensable part of a three-piece suit and are mostly constructed of the same material as the suit. Whereas, a vest is not considered a part of a suit and is worn along with casual outfits. They also come in utility-based designs which are not found in a waistcoat.

How can I style leather vests?
  • For a casual look, pair a black leather vest for women with accentuated collars with a t-shirt, slim jeans, and ankle boots.
  • A laid-back style is ideal for outdoor activities. Pair a straight-fit brown leather vest for women with a full-sleeved t-shirt or a denim shirt and leggings.
  • To keep it fun and cool, pair a basic leather vest with minimal detailing with a fitted full-sleeved shirt and a pair of pleated wide-leg trousers for a formal look.
  • For a fun summer look, pair a biker-style slim vest with a midi floral dress and white platform sneakers, or add a twist with a half-sleeve turtleneck top, a slit pencil skirt, and a pair of heels.