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Best Mens Leather Jackets online at Best Rates

Leather jackets have been a global rage for their durability and stylish appeal. They can seem a little daunting at first, but a good jacket can be the perfect investment for years if you know what works best for you. Men’s leather jacket is a perfect example of attitude, style, and function. Whether you are a man who likes to keep it simple or go offbeat occasionally, there is a leather jacket for every fit and every personality.

Leather jackets may look cool and exude your boyish charm, but their origins are primarily utilitarian. Probably one of the reasons why they deliver a sense of toughness to everybody's style. Leather jackets were only used for practical purposes, from motorcycle jackets as safety gear to bomber jackets for aviation purposes. Later, as smoldering actors made their entries in the movie scenes sporting an all-rugged look, a pivotal moment thus began for leather jackets. Young people wore these jackets as a mark of rebellion or to emanate a bad boy look, serving multiple generations of musicians and even communities. Earlier, one could only choose between a black or brown leather jacket. Today, however, you will even find a men's yellow leather jacket or other offbeat shades becoming a fashion statement as well. So, owning a leather jacket would not only mean that you are in vogue but also embracing an unforgotten heritage.

Look super stylish with LeatherFads

At LeatherFads, you will find quality, fashion, and comfort all in one place. Choose a men's black leather jacket in biker style or customize an oversized leather jacket in bomber style in the best quality leather that is super comfortable and comes in a wide range of color options. Each of them has been designed with unique details, and you will find that no two jackets are similar, leaving you with a plethora of options to choose from. Make the best impression with a shirt-style jacket at a casual gathering or ace the day with a dapper-looking moto jacket, all from the comfort of our online store.

Are coats and jackets the same?

Jackets and coats are terms that can often be used interchangeably. However, they are quite different from one another. Length and weight are the two differences to look for when purchasing either of them. Jackets lie at hip length whereas coats are longer, from mid-thigh to below the knee. Coats are also heavier, which makes them much more reliable for winter. While some jackets do provide the necessary warmth, a winter chill would make you want to reach out for a cozy coat.

When and where can I wear a leather coat?

A leather coat has specifically been designed as outwear and is a great piece for winter days. Today, they have transitioned from a practical outfit to a chic style statement. They are easy-to-style pieces and create a great ensemble for street-style looks.

How can I style a leather jacket?

There are endless ways to style a leather jacket, they act as great layering pieces and tend to amplify your style or add a pinch of sophistication.

  • The refined combination of a polo t-shirt and classic jeans can be a great match with a shirt-style leather jacket. It makes for a great ensemble for a smart casual. Add a pair of shiny leather Chelsea boots and you are set to deliver a smashing look.
  • For a classic style, team a moto jacket with a semi-formal shirt and pair of chinos. Finish the look with a pair of suede leather shoes.
  • Layer a shirt-style leather jacket over a t-shirt and sweater vest combination. Add a pair of relaxed-fit jeans and complete the ensemble with a pair of canvas shoes.