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Sexy Leather Rompers & Jumpsuits For Women

There is nothing better than an all-in-one garment that is easy to wear, stylish and sophisticated at the same time. Yes, we are talking about women's leather jumpsuits. It is a garment incorporating both the upper wear and bottom wear in a single piece of clothing. Jumpsuits have been a huge hit amongst all ages from the young fashionistas to the expert divas. The idea of a hassle-free garment that eliminates the need to pair two separate garments and can be thrown on when you're running late is fascinating and impressive.

Did you know that jumpsuits have their origins in skydiving costumes? They protected the clothes and were specifically designed to insulate the body at high altitudes. Facts aside, jumpsuits like most functional garments have made their way into the world of fashion and it's highly unlikely that you haven't owned or wanted to own one.

Today, jumpsuits can be seen in numerous styles from utilitarian ones with deep pockets, strapless one-pieces that are a chic alternative to dresses, to sexy leather jumpsuits that add panache to your style. On the other hand, leather rompers are closely related to jumpsuits but are more playful and lean further to the casual side.

Make an entrance with LeatherFads

LeatherFads’ collection of jumpsuits features sexy pieces that have been crafted in lamb leather. Each of these designs has been created keeping in mind the trend and fashion’s evolving cycle. Choose a plunging neckline black leather jumpsuit to reveal the sensuous side of you or a leather romper for women to feel chic and sophisticated. The collection is also available in a range of colors that you can choose from.

When and where can I wear a leather jumpsuit?

A leather jumpsuit is an extremely sultry and stylish piece. The nature of the design and textures gives off a glamorous vibe and flatters all figures. Hence, they make for a great street-style outfit to make it to your Instagram feed. They can also be styled in several ways to create unique looks that can be worn during informal occasions like costume or dance parties, fancy events or galas, etc. Jumpsuits with plunging necklines work great for glitzy nightclubs to show off your unique style and steal the show. A leather romper on the other hand is a great summery piece because of its length. It is extremely comfortable and easy to put on. Hence, can be worn to the cafe, impromptu get together with friends, restaurants, etc. Since they have a shiny look, you can wear them for a fancy date at a rooftop restaurant too.

What is the difference between a leather jumpsuit and a romper?

Although they are both joined at the waist, jumpsuits and rompers have one significant difference. Rompers have short-leg pants while jumpsuits have long-leg pants.

How to style a jumpsuit and a romper?

A leather jumpsuit is a standalone garment requiring only minimal styling. However, you can style them in many ways to create a unique look.

  • Combine a black leather jumpsuit with a contrasting blazer and a pair of mules. You can wear this outfit to a fashion event or an informal dinner party to show off your style and stand out from everybody else.
  • Combine a leather romper with a pair of knee-length boots if you are going out to a fancy occasion or pair it with a pair of sneakers if you are heading to a BBQ at a friend's place. Usually, black leather rompers are great options to effortlessly pair any type of footwear to the look.
  • Let the front zip loose and combine a leather jumpsuit with a contrasting bandeau top. It breaks up the designs and adds an eye-catching layer to the look. Finish the look with your favorite pair of heels and a chunky chain-link neckpiece.
  • For a laidback look, you can also combine a black leather jumpsuit with a patterned tank top and a pair of sneakers with a sling bag.