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When you dig into the history of leather, you’ll find that it has been used for its robust and resilient features; to protect the wearer during outdoor activities. One such item is men's and ladies' leather chaps, extensively used for horse-riding and closely associated with the Wild West. Chaps are most familiar to those who grew up on the ranch and were used to the thrill of rushing wind and the adrenaline rush that came with horseback riding. For those who are slightly unfamiliar, leather chaps are accessories that are worn over pants as an additional layer of protection. It prevents abrasions or injuries in case of an unfortunate fall while riding. Further, they also help you remain clean. Leather chaps cover the legs and are open around the crotch area, fastened with a buckle over the waist. They were traditionally used for horse riding purposes but now ladies' motorcycle chaps are also popular amongst bikers. They keep the legs warm against the cold winds and also prevent chafing due to friction caused while riding.

In the 2000s when fashion got highly experimental and funky, women's chap diverged from its functional elements. Women's leather chaps weren't always intended to be used as fashion items but they were spotted on popular celebrities. Sensational singers, actresses, and models donned leather chaps in bold and sexy versions that turned heads and lit the runways on fire.

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If you are looking to invest in leather chaps that are genuine and would stay with you for many years to come, then LeatherFads is for you. Leather chaps are primarily constructed for safeguarding the rider, so we go above and beyond to give you the perfect piece. They are crafted in genuine leather that protects you and fits you smoothly. We've also made sure that our women’s chaps have fastenings and closures around the silhouette so that it is adjustable to your body and is easy to slip in and out which makes them extremely comfortable.

Are leather chaps the same for motorcycle and horse riding?

Motorcycle and horse riding chaps can often be used interchangeably. However, there are some differences between them. Motorcycle chaps always come in leather whereas, chaps for horse-riding may be crafted in other materials as well. Usually, women’s leather chaps with fringe are used primarily for horse riding. Horse riding requires different kinds of western chaps for women depending on their activity, the terrain, and the climate of the place. While you may not necessarily need leather chaps for bike riding, you will always need one for horse-riding because your legs are constantly beating on the side while riding and may end up getting heavily bruised.

How to style a leather chap?

Leather ladies' chaps are primarily used as a functional outfit essentially used as a covering to protect your legs. But, what's the harm in riding in style?

  • If you want a daring look, combine a leather corset with a thigh stretch leather chap over a pair of jeans. Complete the look with a pair of biker boots.
  • If you are going out on an adventure ride, it's best to pair a leather chap with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of edgy moto boots.