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A classic accessory, men's leather chaps are not just safety gears but stylish addition to your riding attire. If you have an undying love for horseback riding, tracing the open territories of the wild Wild West, then leather chaps made of the best quality leather should be your go-to choice. However, if you are new to horse-riding or have recently found a passion for bike riding, it's always great to have a leather chap handy. They cover the legs and are open around the crotch area, fastened around the waist with a buckle. Leather chaps are very comfortable and soft that give a layer of protection over your pants. Apart from safety, many male leather chaps have utility-based features such as multiple spacious pockets on the legs and adjustable cords with eyelets for extra comfort at the back.

Originally, leather chaps were worn by cowboys and horse riders. But, in the modern world, men's leather motorcycle chaps have been adopted by men who take a keen interest in bike riding. They keep the legs warm against the gushing chilly wind and also prevent chafing that can be caused due friction while bike riding.

With LeatherFads, you can take your riding game to the next level.

Get an unparalleled range of leather chaps from LeatherFads that are excellent protective gear for bike and horse riding and render a stylish flair to your personality. Available in a wide range of color options, our leather chaps have been designed in lambskin leather of the finest grade, precisely hand-cut and trimmed so that you get the best fit. The best part about our chaps is that they have distinct features like a low waistline, zipper or patch pockets, etc. Choose from a wide range of options in horse riding or men's motorcycle chaps from LeatherFads and make the most of your riding experience.

What are the benefits of a leather chap?

Genuine leather is a highly durable material. Hence, when you wear leather chaps over your regular pants, they prevent wear and tear of your outfit and even protect you from minor cuts and bruises. They also last longer when cared for correctly. Leather chaps for horse-riding or men's motorcycle chaps are open at the crotch from the front, and the back-this help the rider move without feeling too restricted and provides ventilation too.