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Kilts have been around since the 16th century, primarily worn by Scottish highlanders. They represented a symbol of affluence and a multipurpose garment for combat and weather protection; kilts could also be removed and used as a camping blanket. A traditional kilt is a garment that resembles a modern skirt with pleats at its rear, worn by men and boys at weddings, christenings, and parades. Fashioned with purpose and embedded in Scottish history as a marker of pride, kilts are unique costumes and the boldest menswear trend. As is customary to the nature of fashion, the historic garment has been reborn in so many iterations that have left the men's fashion industry wanting for more; from Kanye West making the news by donning a men's leather kilt to designers interpreting them in their signature style. When kilts made their debut as a men's fashion ensemble, they received scathing remarks due to their skirt-like structure that rattled the archaic notions of masculinity. However, today they stand as the perfect example of gender-neutral fashion within the rich heritage of Scotland. Leather kilts for men are similar to the traditional design featuring pleats at the side and the back that allow for easy movement. They have pockets, studs, and even buckles that elevate the regal splendor of the traditional design and make for a perfect garment to wear at extravagant events.

Indulge in unique styles from LeatherFads

If you want to try something new and give a fresh twist to your style, then LeatherFads is just for you. Our leather kilts for men are a perfect excuse to indulge in premium quality lambskin leather and suede that drapes effortlessly on your body, upgraded with pockets, studs, and metal chains that adds a bold essence to your outfit. Each of these designs is meticulously crafted and constructed according to your measurements. You can choose from a punk-inspired men’s leather black kilt or a full-length leather kilt, available in several color options. Men's leather gladiator kilt in suede leather embellished with studs is one of our boldest designs that comes in an extended range of color options.

Where can I wear a leather kilt?

Leather kilts are an embodiment of a striking personality that is rich in cultural heritage. You can wear leather kilts to informal occasions like costume galas, fashion events, or even to formal occasions like wedding parties.

How can I style a leather kilt?

  • If you want an extremely casual look, the simplest way to go about styling a leather kilt is to combine it with a fitted t-shirt, sock, and a pair of derby or leather shoes. A leather kilt alone is an extravagant outfit that speaks for itself, and combining it with a sober match would make all the difference. A leather kilt with embellishments like buckle straps or metal chains would be the best choice for this look.
  • For occasions like wedding parties, a classy leather kilt with scarce detailing would render a sophisticated look. Combine it with a suit jacket and a crisp white shirt secured with a silk tie. Finish the look with a pair of socks in solid shade and oxford shoes.