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Womens leather corset at discounted rates

Corsets have been around throughout the history of fashion. They were originally known as stays and were used exclusively as an undergarment to artificially frame a woman’s body. Today, corsets, one of fashion’s most controversial garments have carved their niche as the epitome of vintage glamour. You may have seen a sheer or a leather corset top and leather corset dress donned by your favorite celebrities making the latest fashion news and walking the runways. But corsets have an interesting past.

The first corsets were found in the Minoan era as early as 1600 BCE. They were used as outerwear to expose the bust area. Across different centuries, they developed from outer body pieces to undergarments worn under gowns and dresses to shape the body. They are intricately constructed and rely on boning, a rigid thin rod-like structure inserted into the corset to keep it in place.

Today’s iterations are more comfortable, versatile, and can easily be experimented with. Although renowned for its sultry appeal, a women's leather corset has been worn alongside casual outfits for a smart look and also as an individual garment for an unmatched charisma. Undoubtedly, leather corset fashion is chic, and effortless and will always create a look that will demand attention.

Reveal your chic side with leather corsets from LeatherFads

At LeatherFads, we bring to you a collection of fashionable corsets that have been crafted in impeccable quality and soft lambskin leather. Lambskin leather is considered an exceptionally comfortable premium material. They are lightweight and don't weigh down the wearer too. Add a new avatar to your style any day with our collection of corsets that come in two kinds of design i.e. tube style corsets and strapped corsets. Each of these designs comes with exemplary quality fastening details and in multiple color options as well.

When and where can I wear a corset?

Corsets are best for casual settings because of the silhouette’s design and are one of the most sought-after pieces for street style fashion as well. They are highly versatile and experimental to elevate any style. A women’s leather corset is an ideal piece for when you want to make a bold statement. Keep in mind that it's best to wear a corset with lesser boning detail when you are out dancing or moving the body frequently.

How to style a leather corset?

A corset is one of those garments that can be worn alone or with other styles to create a unique look. Corsets are extremely versatile, and no matter how you wear them, they are always eye-catching.

  • Corsets work well as a standalone upper garment for going to a party or a nightclub. Combine it with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings and pointed heels for a sexy look.
  • If you're feeling particularly daring, pair a leather corset and skirt with strappy heels.
  • For a casual outing to the cafe or a quick lunch with friends, pair a basic or an under bust corset with a white oversized shirt and a pair of knee-length boots. If you don't want to keep your legs bare, you can add flared trousers and replace the boots with a pair of heels.
  • To create a more unique style combine a zipper corset with a patterned blazer and pair of boyfriend jeans and your favorite sneakers.
  • A strap or sleeveless black leather corset works great as an individual upper garment so you can always combine them with a pencil skirt and a heel of your choice.