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Ladies leather motorcyle jacket at best prices

Traditionally designed for bike riding purposes, women's leather motorcycle jackets have evolved into more than just protective gear. They are popularly referred to as biker jackets. One of the most adored items in the leather department, the popularity of motorcycle jackets dates back to the late 1920s when they were designed to offer ease and safety to bikers. Later, iconic Hollywood actors and films popularized these jackets as a fashion statement. But, it wasn't until the late 1960s that women's leather motorcycle jackets gained popularity.

Today, women's motorcycle jackets have emerged as a daring statement and a must-have item, despite their primary function as protective gear. Famous for its off-duty repertoire, a leather biker jacket for women is in every season and always stands out wherever you are.

Ride in style with jackets from LeatherFads

If you are looking to invest in a wardrobe item that you can appreciate years down the line, then LeatherFads is just for you. A motorcycle jackets demands precision in construction, an impeccable quality leather and detailing that set the bar high. Therefore, we have cut the struggle out of hunting for a good have a wide range of leather biker jackets, from subtle to rugged styles, in an array of colors to choose from. All of these jackets have been constructed out of soft lambskin leather that is genuine and feel good on your skin.

How to distinguish a motorcycle jacket?

The best way to recognize a basic ladies leather motorcycle jacket is through its length. They sit on the waist, streamlined to the body with an asymmetrical front and zipper openings instead of buttons. Contemporary iterations may have accents of fur and shearling, flared collar styles to make them more fashionable, and even center-aligned zippers.

Are Motorcycle and Moto jackets same?

Because of their names, motorcycle and moto jackets may appear similar, but they differ slightly. A motorcycle, on the other hand, is typically defined by its length and details. They sit at the waist and have diagonal zippers and a flared collar in most designs. In contrast, a moto jacket is usually sleeker, more streamlined, and detailed with a banded collar.

Where and when can I wear a motorcycle leather jacket?

A motorcycle jacket, as the name implies, is ideal for bike riding. A high-quality leather jacket will shield you from abrasions and inclement weather. Aside from that, they can be a daring addition to your casual ensemble. Simply wearing a motorcycle jacket can transform even the most basic of outfits.

How to style a motorcycle jacket?
  • Despite being associated with a rugged look, biker jackets would look great with a printed or floral midi dress. For a casual day out, pair it with knee-high boots. This outfit is appropriate for both a casual day out and a stylish evening dinner.
  • Pair the jacket with an untucked crisp white shirt, jeans, and platform sneakers for a low-key tough look.