How To Clean and Care For Leather Chaps

How To Clean and Care For Leather Chaps

There is nothing better than a pair of sturdy and comfortable leather chaps that you can use effortlessly for all your horseback riding and biking needs. It protects you from abrasions and extreme weather conditions; they even keep your outfit clean. However, while leather chaps are extremely handy and a riding staple, one has to take good care of them to last long.

Leather chaps, like every natural product, require routine cleaning because:

  • It removes any accumulated dirt on the surface.
  • It increases the longevity of the leather coating and the leather product.
  • It maintains the softness of the chaps and makes them more resistant to future spills or dirt accumulation.
  • It nourishes the quality of the leather, making it look new every time you use it.

Let’s take a look at how you can keep your leather chaps spick and span.

By Hand:

  1. Take a cloth or a soft brush to remove the dirt accumulated on the leather chap.
  2. Apply saddle soap with the help of a damp cloth. Clean the dirt thoroughly in a circular motion.
  3. Wipe the leather chap again with a fresh damp cloth and leave for air drying.
  4. After drying, apply a high-quality leather conditioner. Before application, make sure that you do a small patch test to ensure that it doesn’t change the color of your leather chap.
  5. Use a soft brush to clean the dirt from fastening like zippers, buckles, or eyelets on the leather chaps.

Washing Machine:

  1. Start by brushing off the dust, and close the zippers to prevent scratches on the surface of the washing machine.
  2. If you are washing two or more leather chaps, its best to wash light and dark-toned chaps separately to prevent
  3. When the water level has reached its maximum capacity, add a mild detergent and put the chaps in. Light-colored chaps should be washed in a cold water setting whereas dark-colored chaps should be washed in a delicate setting.
  4. After the complete cycle, remove the chaps and keep them away from heat as it can cause the chaps to shrink.
  5. While the chaps are damp apply a leather conditioner or softener to maintain their flexibility and quality. Leave them to air dry.

General care

  • Keep your leather chaps in a dark and well-ventilated place to avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays.
  • Do not expose your leather chaps to toxic fumes because they can weaken over time, damaging the protective capabilities of leather chaps.
  • It is best to hang leather chaps on a wide padded hanger rather than wrapping them in plastic or other nonporous materials. It will keep mold and mildew away.

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