4 Options to Alter Your Leather Jacket Without Giving It Up

4 Options to Alter Your Leather Jacket Without Giving It Up

When you buy a leather jacket, it quickly becomes one of your most valuable possessions. However, they must fit perfectly on your body to achieve that state of euphoria and not end up in an isolated corner of your closet. You may have chosen the last stock that wasn’t available in your size, received a pre-loved jacket that is a tad large for you, or changed your mind about keeping the sleeves. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible to facilitate the alterations on your own because looking for an expert in leather tailoring for minor alterations can be fussy. Although one must exercise caution when working with leather.

Here are some of the options for altering your leather jacket:

Tip: If you are trying to alter a leather jacket by yourself, it is always best to work at the seams rather than experimenting. It may damage the leather or the silhouette beyond repair.

Downsizing or styling changes

It is always best to consult a professional leather tailor for crucial alterations to your leather jacket or styling changes. While leather jackets can be altered at home, the process needs special leather needles and robust and pure mechanical machines that need enough power to sew through the jackets.

Long sleeves

You needn’t rush to a tailor for a pair of sleeves dangling down your arms. You only need a leather needle, a seam ripper, a matching thread, and a tailor’s chalk to alter the length by yourself.

Worn-out sleeves or collar

If you have a leather jacket tattered at the elbow or the neck and you’ve planned on discarding it, it might be time to pause and think over it. Why? Because you have just earned a bonus. While the sleeves and the collar may be of no use, the torso is enough. The best option is to knock on your tailor’s door and ask them to make a vest out of the worn-out leather jacket. In return, you get a  new addition to your wardrobe, and well, a leather vest is one of the most versatile pieces to own.

Unfortunate slit in the front

Often, you may notice an unfortunate slit when you have treated yourself to a second-hand or a factory-rejected leather jacket. It makes the leather jacket look sloppy and unattractive. The best way to cover it up without having to darn the leather jacket is to make a quick visit to your local accessories shop. You can cover up the slit with funky badges that complement the jacket’s tone and convert it into a funky and fun piece.

So, the next time you’re stuck, consider the steps outlined above to breathe new life into your leather jacket and make it a completely new addition to your wardrobe.

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