Simple Steps to Shorten Sleeves of a Leather Jacket

  • By irwin

Leather jackets are quite familiar and worn by big Hollywood celebs with immense charisma. These more or less appear simply excellent on just about anyone. Wear it for any number of events ranging from bike riding to dinner parties to formal gatherings; you are sure to grab all the attention towards you. If the sleeves on your leather jacket are too long then it could be just style dropping. Well you can do this in just a few easy steps without worrying of your jacket being damaged. Things you will require for your leather jacket:

  • A pair of blunt scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • Spools of thread to match with the lining of the jacket
Listed below are few steps to shorten the sleeves Open the sleeve lining The first step involves opening the jacket lining to get the inside sleeves and to make it shorten. Make sure you do this very carefully by not leaving any blemish or marks behind. That point where the fabric and lining meet in the wrist area you will require making the jacket closure apart. Make use of a seam ripper which can be easily found in stores or else even a pair of blunt scissors will do the work. Make the inside lining and leather apart to work properly on the sleeves. Find the new sleeve length To make the sleeves short on your leather jacket out it on. Fold the leather to make the sleeves short and also keeping the lining away with the help of few sewing pins.  Repeat the same procedure on the other sleeve as well. Do not commit the mistake of measuring the shoulders to the cuff in order to shorten the sleeves in the same length. This will make certain that the sleeves of your jacket will appear in the same equal length when shortening the sleeves.  By doing this your jacket will properly sit across your back or shoulders. Pressing the sleeve fold Do not cut the leather as you can lengthen the sleeves ahead in future if you need them. Fold up the inside layering to half an inch which is lower than the leather fold. Put a towel on top of the sleeve and then gently press the new fold with the help of iron on the leather. Closing it The last step is to close the lining with an unseen seam and sew it with a needle thread with the matching lining color. Keep the needle flat and sew carefully to complete the task.

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