3 Ways You Can Add Stretch to Your Leather Chaps

3 Ways You Can Add Stretch to Your Leather Chaps

For centuries, leather has been at the forefront of the most durable and reliable outfits to wear. There is a leather garment for every fashion trend, event personality, and activity. Leather chaps are one such garment that has always been used for horseback and motorbike riding, rendering protection to the riders. Leather chaps must be stretched either naturally or with the help of effective methods to serve their purpose effectively.

Why do we need to keep leather chaps flexible?

Stretching makes your leather chaps contour effortlessly to your body and fits you impeccably without restricting your movements.

Here’s how you can keep your riding counterparts generously stretchy.

Using Leather Oil

Using leather oil not only keeps your leather chaps in pristine condition for years to come but also moisturizes and conditions their fibers, making them flexible.

Apply a small amount of leather oil to the surface of your chaps. After that, place them in a warm, dry place to absorb the oil completely. Oiling frequently used chaps every few months will keep them in good condition. If you don’t wear your leather chaps very often, you should oil them every six months.

Do not place the leather chaps under direct sunlight, this will cause the color of the leather chaps to fade away.

By Wearing

You can also try stretching the leather chaps without using any external elements. Wear them while sitting on the couch for a few days. This will help the chaps stretch at the knees. Alternatively, you can kneel in them for some time every day in a position that exerts maximum pressure and helps you achieve the desired stretch.

Rubbing Alcohol and Water

Take a spray bottle and combine one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water. Shake thoroughly to achieve an even mix of the concoction. Moisten the surface of the leather chap by spraying the liquid all. Now, put on your leather chap and flex the areas you want to stretch.

Stretching Spray

You can also purchase a leather stretching spray from any professional leather store.

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