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5 winter boot trends for women

Posted by ON Jan 11th, 2014, AT 3:41 PM

Articles gives 5 boot wear options that women readers can wear during winter.

On meeting somebody for the very first time, you are either looking at the individual from top to bottom or vice versa. You would be checking out their clothes, watches and more distinctly footwear worn. The subject of today article is directed to the latter part and it’s no secret that among the first things that catch your eye is when one is wearing fashionable footwear. Though this winter has been much harsher than usual for North America, the European countries are enjoying pleasant weather. So which is the footwear that is making headlines for women this winter, they are boots.

Boots for women

A number of women round the world, replace their pumps, pencil heeled footwear with boots as winter approaches. These being flat and relatively low heeled footwear, provide comfort as well as protection to ones feet during winter.

Below is a list of five boots that you could choose to be part of your wardrobe.


These low cut beauties are similar to shoes however appear much more rugged in style and function.

Ankle boots

These are cut just above the ankle and are available across the world in a variety of colors and fabrics. Being a bit sturdy and heavy they require some time to get used to, however are extremely fashionable when women with attitude wear them.

 Midcalf booties

Inspired from the cowboy west these are popular as they come in a variety of styles right from leather cowboy fashion to lace and fringe ones. When they are fastened with buckles, lace, zipper and straps they don’t fail in looking stunning and admirable on wearers.

Knee high boots

We should call them ‘Diva’ boots, as while walking or striding wearing them, you will stand out. Being knee high they offer much more protection than any of the other footwear’s mentioned earlier and by all means are fashionable year round.

Available in multiple fabrics, you can wear them over lengthier warmer apparels during winter and mid-size skirts during summer.  Kindly note that wearing these is similar to wearing red colored pants; they are bound to get you attention. So women make sure your remaining attire is up to mark before wearing these lovely pairs.     

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