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Caring Tips for Metal Accessories

Posted by ON Dec 17th, 2012, AT 11:36 AM

You can dress-up fashionably in metal jewelries but at the same time it is extremely essential to take care of them so that it can be used in future. Let’s learn some metal caring tips.

Metal jewelries are the trendy accessories that most of the female love to adore. Just like buying hunting for and buying the beautiful piece of metal accessories is important, it is also vital that you care them finely so that they stay long enough for you to put them at your special occasions.

Here, you can have a look on some caring tips of metal accessories that has no pearls or stones in it.

Daily care: – At most of the times, women wear bangles, bracelets and chains daily without taking them ever. If this is the case, then you need to remove your accessories occasionally so as to clean them or else the glossiness may get washed out. But a practice of 5 minutes cleaning process can help you out. Simply remove the accessories, wipe them gently with lint free polishing soft cloth. Cleanse it by water, wipe it and it becomes ready to use again.

Monthly care: – Soak your metal jewelries in an ammonia free jewelry solution, pH-balanced for obstinate discolor. Eliminate the dirt, perfume, lotion and oil on the surface of earring curves and bangle ridges by soft toothbrush.

Removing tarnishes: – At times copper and silver jewelries become tarnish and even brass metal accessories lose its polish which ultimately makes then dreary and unattractive. However, making use of cloths or polishing pads that are set in micro abrasives stain removal can be rubbed on the surface of accessories. This will help out in removing the dullness of jewelries. Another great alternative to clean your metal accessories is to soak them in the mixture of salt and hot vinegar. After soaking, rinse them thoroughly and pat it dry.

Storage: – Allow the jewelries to air dry at least for little time so that any sweat can be absorbed. The best way to store these accessories is in airtight metal box. Also, make sure that you are storing jewelry separately as some metal like copper tarnishes other stuffs like silver and copper. Moreover, if your jewelry has already got tarnished or it has pearls and gemstones on it, then it’s better to get a professional help for cleaning your beautiful accessories.

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