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Celebs and Leather Apparels – Whats the USP

Posted by ON Nov 8th, 2012, AT 12:01 PM

When celebs follow certain fad, that fad is sure to become iconic and popular. This is true especially for black leather bombers worn by various superstars since years.   

Many celebs are seen sporting leather bomber jackets in movies as well as events. In fact, they have become trendsetters. The origin of leather bombers is traceable to the unforgettable and dreadful world wars of the past. Bomber pilots used to wear these jackets to make sure that they stay warm and cozy when flying high.

Movies depicting wartime adventures and activities have shown heroes sporting these jackets quite often. As these heroes became highly popular for their roles, the fad of wearing these jackets too became popular worldwide among the masses.

Some yesteryear stars that donned leather bombers in movies were James Stewart, who sported a genuine sheepskin bomber jacket in the movie “Western Night Passage”. Gary Cooper was also seen sporting a designer sheepskin bomber jacket in the hit box-office and Oscar nominated movie “For Whom the Bell Tolls” made in 1943. Cooper wore a highly authentic bomber jacket compared to others in that era. Later, these jackets were seen in Indiana Jones movies. Most of the jackets used in Indiana Jones movies were of brown color, but black bombers are extremely popular compared to brown ones.

Talking about the popularity of leather apparels among female celebs, the list will be endless to draft.

Kate moss, the extremely popular lead actress from the movie Kill Bill sported a chic and beautiful leather corset for a magazine recently. Kate flaunted her amazing curves in the leather corset quite splendidly.

Furthermore, Angelina Jolie, who is also one of the most influential celebrities, was seen sporting a vivacious black leather apparel for a popular event. Jolie rocked the red carpet with her stunning looks and outfit.

Victoria Beckham, a true trendsetter in the world of fashion. Victoria, who always comes up with challenging and latest fashion trends was also seen sporting a leather jacket recently.

These are few names, who marked a long-lasting impression with their leather apparels. You too can get yourself leather outfits such as jackets, pants, bombers, skirts, etc. In addition, autumn is just the perfect season to sport these trendy and stylish leather apparels.

So, all you fashion aficionados out there, time to get inspired by your favorite celeb and be a star among your pals and family by donning these fashionable apparels.

Thus, the next time you see a celeb donning leather apparel and you wish to follow the fad, then do not be anxious, as you can easily get one such leather outfits for yourself. Internet is undoubtedly the best place to find these apparels.

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