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Clothes That Blend Well With Your Body Type

Posted by ON Nov 17th, 2012, AT 12:25 PM

To be stylish in one’s attire does not all the time require being of luxurious brands. The true fashion sense is something which is inherent in an individual.

Picking up the right apparel for your body type is something which one more or less overlooks and can all the time end up shopping clothes which do not actually flatter a personality. Whatsoever be the latest trends that are running on the fashion scenario, you could always require looking for clothes which makes a flattering remark on your best features and ensembles which put an emphasis on the positive points of an individual.

In order to choose a silhouette which compliments you in the best possible manner you will need to pick up clothes accordingly. Listed below are few exclusive ideas which will lend a hand in wearing clothes with your body shape.

Hourglass Shape

Women who fall under this category are possibly the most envied one by other female counterparts. The hourglass shape is what every woman dreams for.  For women with this shape can really fit into a lot of styles with much ease. Slim fit jeans to show off her waistline are what women can come up with. You can even carry off other clothes such as halters or simple t-shirts. Any clothes which you choose for sure will blend well with this proportionate body type.

Apple shape

Such type of women is seen heavier on the upper body as well as a huge bust line with larger waist. Picking the right kind of clothes for this shape of women will need to create a balanced look when it comes to terms of proportion. Women must look for solid shades in tops with V neckline and if you prefer wearing dresses then go for A-line designs. A fitted jacket could as well give away a dynamic yet professional touch.

Rectangle Shape

Women born with this shape have an athletic like figure. Such type of women does not have any issue even if they put on some weight as this is circulated in equal quantities instead of only the waistline. Women who are slender in body built come under this group and here you do not have to fret or fume about what to wear and what not to. Any clothing which you pick can enhance your look and at the same time add dimension to the body.


Women with this figure can enhance their looks with just simple ideas by wearing clothes which fit them well. Shirts with vertical lines can make a false impression of a taller frame.


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