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Clubbing Ideas with Leather Jumpsuit

Posted by ON Dec 20th, 2012, AT 1:15 PM

Planning to head for a fun night out party then you will probably wish to look as well as feel at your best.

Donning a leather jumpsuit to the club party is totally proper as far as you choose the right style and match it with the right kind of accessories. Before hitting the dance floor, check that your entire silhouette is chic and sexy for your occasion.

Jumpsuit Styles

You will come across numerous styles which work really well for the club ambivalence. Women who are bold and super confident about showing off their beautiful curves could go for a one piece leather jumpsuit. The narrowed style hugs your body and just acts as a second skin to the wearer. A blouson leather jumpsuit which is ill fitting is a nice blend if you want more amount of twist on the dance floor.

This attire comes fitted at the waistline and the pants are broad in pattern. The other leather jumpsuit style which does a bit of both is the off the shoulder top that falls out with an ill fitting bottom and cinched waist detail.


When it comes to shoes, women are not left behind. Foot might be the smallest visible part of the body but it could grab everyone’s attention with merely a cool looking pair of shoes. Choose high heeled shoes or ankle length boots to take your leather jumpsuit to another level. You can even try with peep toes in order to give your foot follower a look at your toes. Blend your leather jumpsuit with strappy sandals or those with high heels so as to make your frame widen.

Steer clear with wearing flats or long booties with your leather jumpsuit. Even though, you will be the one to attract people by wearing tennis shoes for more comfort, pick comfortable heels so that you could dance well with your jumpsuit.


Wear bold accessories to add some spice to your leather attire. Add chunks of pieces like oversized ring, layered necklaces or a big bangle. For the hair tie up a ponytail and secure it with an embellished hair band. Thick and long hobo bag now comes in an array of stunning colors which are corresponding to your jumpsuit. A lace or belt around the waist to show off your waistline is another bold idea and danglings are the secondary option as you might leave off your hair.


When heading to a club, pull your hair down for an ideal style. Make up a messy hairdo to grab all the attention from the public. You can even secure your hair with hair clips.

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