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Eliminate Ink Stains from Leather Garments

Posted by ON Dec 7th, 2012, AT 5:12 PM

“Ink stains and leather”, sounds like a rock band, isn’t it? However, in case of ink stains on your leather outfits, you will not like it. Here are some ways to eliminate these stains:

Before you begin parting the stains from your leather outfit, it is imperative to determine as the type of leather and ink.

Leather Types:

  • Suede: Without wasting time, immediately take your outfit to an expert dry cleaner specializing in cleaning suede leather.
  • Smooth Leather: Here, if the outfit is an expensive one, then it is advisable to take it to an expert cleaner to do the job.

Ink Types:

  • Ballpoint Pen: Continue with the cleaning method
  • Tip Marker: Continue with the cleaning method
  • Permanent Market or Ink: Here, consider having the outfit dyed to complement the stain. It is difficult to remove permanent ink from leather outfit without causing any damage to the apparel. Exert shoe repair and dry cleaning centers can help dye leather.

Cleaning Method:

Isopropyl alcohol works best to get rid of ink stains from leather outfits. It is the one of the best and easiest home remedies for getting rid of stains. However, note that fresh stains of ink are very easy to remove, whereas older stains might need repeated treatments. As leather is permeable, the stains can reach deep in the hide.

Start with moistening a white cotton swab or cloth with alcohol. Do not use a colored cloth, as it might transfer the dye to your light shaded leather. Work out on the stain from outside proceeding towards the middle by swabbing with a cloth. Make sure to keep the working area small and avoid spreading the ink.

Here, you should see the transfer of ink onto the cloth. Take a new swab as soon as you see the ink fading off to thwart re-staining. Now keep flecking until the ink fades away. Avoid scrubbing harshly, because it might remove the color and layer of your outfit.

Next, keep the outfit to air-dry post the treatment. Once you remove the ink, treat your outfit with a good conditioner meant for leather to retain the smoothness and suppleness of the garment.

Lastly, you may even use hairspray having alcohol content of higher amounts. However, the ingredients of the hairspray might trigger staining as well as other problems. Thus, use this method only during emergencies and on fresh stains of ink.

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