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Evolution of Women’s Ear Cuffs

Posted by ON Jan 9th, 2014, AT 12:12 PM

Article looks at celebrating the evolution of different styles of Ear cuff’s in women.

Affection for metal, hair color, gel and an attitude to rebel would ideally comprise the makeup kit of an individual loving punk fashion. But not everyone sports them openly; the trend is now becoming more subtle among punk stylists.  Distinctly associated with Punk music and hard metal are cuff accessories. Wearers can resort to wearing cuffs, if they want to do away with skin piercings and sport the latest fashion sense. Being available in varied designs as well as more number of style options, cuffs on one’s ear are considered a subtle but effective bling accessory to wear on numerous dresses. These could be a good way to replace rings and are indicative   about the modern woman maturing.

In this article, we are going to look at some really beautiful styles of wearing ear cuffs, wearing them over a good outfit is bound to get you admirers.

Gold Ear Cuffs

If you are big fan of Miley Cyrus or sport a pixie hair cut like hers, then opting for these cuffs will do you well.

Caged in Cuffs

Wearing these means you are sporting the unique blend of sporting the latest fashion trend as well as a bit of edginess without going overtly overboard.

Chain Gang Ear Cuffs

If you like wearing chains, then try sporting these chained cuffs that dangle from your lobe.

Jewel Clusters

Wearing these little jewels will ensure your popularity at any social party. Just make sure you mix-match with the apparel and footwear you are wearing for the evening.

Bling cuffs

These diamond peppered ear cuffs will be a great asset when you are attending a high profile event. Wearing these will make u look and feel like a ‘Diva’ and you will enjoy the attention of the shutterbugs.     

Ear cuffs for daily use

These are plain Jane cuffs, a great way to sport your individual fashion. A lot of today’s young girls like to sport these; it’s a good way of showing your unique fashion taste.

On a concluding note, ear cuffs are an individual choice very much like the nose ring, some like to wear it; while others just hate it. We would recommend our readers to mix and match their cuffs, wearing them will indicate that you are aware of the current fashion trends.

It’s also important to note that this is a fashion sense that a girl can only sport till she is she is woman, on embracing motherhood, the likelihood of wearing punk cuffs among common women generally declines. But there are a few die-hard exceptions. So decide you way, around wearing these little sweet hearts.

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