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Feel the Best This Fall with Fashion Clothing

Posted by ON Oct 14th, 2013, AT 2:28 PM

Fall is the only time to feel cozier in the warmth of scarves, shrugs, jackets, boots and what not. Well, if you are a woman, you must be wondering what sort of clothes you will wear in the season that could make you feel good and at the same time feel warm.

When it comes to updating your fall wardrobe, it is better to not cheap on clothing and accessories as these are worth splurging on. be it footwear, clothes, chunks of accessories or coats, winter almost asks for all these cozy stuffs and being without these means a year without its important season.

One fall fashion trend, which will never go out, is the classic prints. This fall season look for the best motifs than your regular choice of sheer texture. Neon yellow, fluorescent fuchsia, burnt orange have been replaced by floral motifs and other dark shades and these are some of the running colors of the season now. Gray is the perfect color for this season and satin fabric makes it suitable for women. Be careful when you choose colors and you can use stripes as an additional accessory with your attire.

The first fall trend this year is the color emerald green. The Duchess of Cambridge was recently spotted wearing the same color outfit on her visit to a history museum. Undoubtedly, the queen celeb looked not only stunning in her outfit but also lively, radiant that enhanced her ensemble. The Lakme fashion week witnessed some of the finest collection, all showcased in this beautiful color. Be it clothing, high heels or accessories; emerald green is the new black this dresses for this fall

Secondly, thigh high boots which are also known as thigh-length boots spread above the knees and these come in many diverse materials right from leather to latex. Fashion fanatic Hillary Duff who stepped out in Beverly Hills looked striking in a cardigan complimenting it with thigh high boots. These boots have become an obsession of many women and hence they are here to stay in this fall fashion season.thigh-length boots

Thirdly, the trend of turtlenecks is simply adorable and practical. There is not lot to do with turtlenecks but yes, you can make it look more stunning by adding a few accessories. A vest, a necklace and dangling’s are what you can add to this ensemble.turtlenecks

The term lush well defines the fabric velvet and this dates back to history when its use was regarded as a big thing in modern times. Velvet, as the name goes symbolizes wealth, power and this lush fabric is been making news recently on the runway. Velvet dresses are a hit among women and this also benefit the wearer from cold.the fabric velvet dresses

so, go ahead and pick the best this fall!

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