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Four Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Apparels

Posted by ON Mar 19th, 2014, AT 12:03 PM


Every time you buy a premium jacket; you are investing a small fortune to make style statement isn’t it?

Now though we are fashion store, we highly recommend that our users take care of their wares. Do keep in mind dear readers, that genuine apparels are truly a fine art that only appreciates with time if taken good care of by the owner.

Today’s article is dedicated to that very theme; let us look at efficient ways and means of taking care of your favorite leathers right from the very moment its arrives in your wardrobe.

Religiously following Manufacturer’s Instructions

All apparels would come with the company’s instruction label (do’s and don’ts) that must be observed when donning the apparel.  Since it is coming directly from the manufacturer, it is highly recommended to follow it religiously to safe guard your apparels from wear and tear.


Application of Stain and water protectors

The need to take care of leather has been in demand for quite some time; in fact, it has spurred a mini industry of its own with today many  products being available in the market. One must look at a one-time investment into any one of these quality products to ensure that your favorite fabrics last a long time.

Usage of Padded Hangers

If one were to hang, their leather goods on a normal hanger there is always the chance of it losing its original shape. This can be avoided by using padded hangers, which will help the clothing to maintain its shape and structure.


Leather fabrics must be stored in breathable bags and never in a plastic, cleaning or storage bags. The purpose of this recommendation is so that they get an enviourment to breathe and do not feel suffocated. If one were planning to store them away for a long time, a good idea would be to wrap them in a clean bed sheet to ensure they are not spoilt.

The wearer should proactively ensure that his apparel is safe from water and other scents that might harm its quality. On a concluding note, one must keep in mind that leather is sourced from once living animals so it is recommended one must treat them as if one were treating one’s own skin. Keeping this attitude will no doubt ensure that you are doing your bit to replenish and lengthening the life of your clothing.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article as much as we have enjoyed writing it for you. If in addition to the tips mentioned above, you have some suggestions of your own, do let us know.


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