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Go the Metallic Way This Winter Season

Posted by ON Dec 14th, 2012, AT 2:29 PM

Summer season called for shiny metallics with a theme on shine and glitter but this winter season calls for more neutral yet subdued hues in muted and brushed tones.

Metallics have all the time being one of the most leading fashion trends in every season by knowing about how to knock over you in the right shades of gleaming gold, silver and bronze could be a thrilling task to do. Looking for a way to keep up with the winter fashion trends then you have landed at the right place.

So this year if you all set to pick up at least few of these accessories to match up with your outfit then make sure you do it well. Listed below are a few guidelines on how well you could pull off this metallic trend.

Gold and silver handbags

The shiny factor has done well right from patent leather in handbags and totes to other materials and this is why you will do a lot better with brushed and fine finishes in handbags instead. Opt for gray and neutral shades in bags for some amount of sumptuousness. Huge rhinestone and diamond studded jewel embellishments are the other attention grabbing style trend this year. Choose big size jewels and adornments on handbags which now have caught the interest of many women. Hand clutch too has caught everyone’s fancy and this is an easy to carry piece as well.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats have reappeared on the fashion scenario this year. You will come across these decked out in sequins and glossy in an array of shades. Choose in suede, velvet and smooth leather variations which now give away a dressier effect. So rush up folks are these are the few top picks of the winter fashion season.

Hand Clutch

If you thought that oversized bags looked passé before then you are absolutely wrong. These hand clutches have already made a big name in the fashion industry. These are very common with Hollywood celebs and other pop stars and are making a thrilling statement on the red carpet these days. From crocodile skin to python prints, you won’t find any other better way to blend the two than a single simple accessory. Silver and gold are the new metallic this season.

Peep-toe pumps

Peep toe pumps provide you comfort and this is another stylish manner to get the inflated look that you require this season. Silver or gold toned pumps are a simple way to appear tall and stay lined up with the season’s fascination for metallic.

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