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Halloween Dressing Tips for Young Couples

Posted by ON Oct 31st, 2012, AT 2:00 PM

Many couples are seemed to be scrambling out there to approach a Halloween costumes that not only suits the Halloween themes but at the same time makes a perfect couple costume. Here are some great ideas that you can think about donning this Halloween.

As October draws, the burning question that pops up into everyone’s mind is what to wear this Halloween?  From children to young ones try out hunting for cool to devilish costumes so that they can set the attention of one and all.  So why can’t wedded couples have the same amount of excitement and fun? This year, let rummage around for some different costume ideas designed especially for couples.

Have a quick glimpse on the below given costume ideas for Halloween:-

Peanut Butter and Jelly Adult Couples Costume:  This seems funny but yet interesting. The combination jelly and peanut butter adds taste to out brunch the same way this costume can add wonders when it is worn by couples. Undoubtedly, nothing works best then peanut butter and jelly on bread and so does this costume on Halloween!

Clown costume for couples: Funny, cute and interesting. This is what the clown costume is all about. Get the funniest makeup done and see that you put on a ball like nose and wear unusually large footwear. This outlandish costume will surely make you look like a comic circus performer.

Graveyard Groom Costume: Well, if you are thinking to make your appearance beyond the grave then you surely need to be dressed in graveyard couple costume.  Keep the makeup bold and striking so that it adds an impact on the viewers.

Popeye and Olive Oyl costume for couple: This is the sexiest cartoon costume which will make your spouse loot hot to trot. The dress for sexy olive oyl features a lovely red dress and a wig making you look perfectly best for Halloween. At the same time, Popeye the sailor man can simply show off his sailor outfit showing off his forearms

Granny Wolf and Red Riding Hood Couples Costumes: Red, Don’t be afraid of that bad big wolf!!! A lovely dress of Red Riding Hood Costume featuring an apron dress with a red hooded cape can be a unique pick for your beautiful lady. You can be the bad granny wolf. For this, all you have to wear is furry gloves, wolf mask, night gown and of course show covers.

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