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High Rise Jeans: The Vintage Style Is Back

Posted by ON Dec 15th, 2012, AT 12:23 PM

Similarly to how low waist jeans are at times do not look figure flattering or proper, high rise jeans do not put up with many drawbacks.

Ever since high waisted jeans begin at the finest point of the torso, this makes ones legs look long like that of a supermodel. This when teamed up with stilettos, this denim style can work better when you have planned for an evening out with your date. You will even come across these in skinny fit and broad legged style. Oversized must stay away from the broad legged style or waisted denims.

This appears good on more or less all types of figure right from supper slender ones to women born with curvaceous body. This puts an accent on the curves of a woman and here is how it makes her appear taller. This is also one of the best suited jeans suggested for women with a shorter height.

A lot of women who prefer wearing low waist jeans often nag that as the waistband of the jeans remains fixed on the hips; it makes for a muffin top. Well this is nothing but a push which is created by extremely tight and slender low rise jeans. As the waistband of these jeans sits high on the waist, it reduces the look of an odd style that itself becomes one big advantage for you. On the other hand, women with a big tummy must do away with such styles of denims as it puts an emphasis on the paunch and makes you look like a heavily sized person.

One of the most gratifying high waisted jeans for today’s young girls is the one that is available in shades like coal black, blue or gray. Such color may look neutral but these are a running shade on the fashion scenario. As a result, the best style of jeans which curvy figured women would always prefer is these.

It is good to pair the right kind of accessories and tops. A silk top with a V neck looks smart with such jeans style. Steer clear from packed neck tops such as turtlenecks from women who are heavier on the bust line. Fabrics such as silk and linen go well with high rise denims. Proper shoes are even vital to pull off this trend. Avoid anything which is very chunky and instead look for pretty wedges, peep toes or block heels.

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