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Khaki is an Ultimate Trendy Option for You

Posted by ON Dec 20th, 2012, AT 2:15 PM

As feminine attires are all the time a hit amidst women be it of any age, many of them have a preference to wear boyish outfits too.

Fashion keeps on changing and this is where women’s choice keeps changing. With these tomboys, you can even try on wearing few clothes which are known to be very popular on the fashion scenario in the men’s clothing section.

Cool khaki pants are must haves for women in the summer months and the name refers to the fabric material. In the previous times, khakis were available in a blend of linen and cotton which would come in intense colors that was a lot popular in those times. Nowadays darker tans are even very popular with women. Wish to go completely casual then think of crumpled pants that are delicately constructed and has a few wrinkles on it so that you get a proper look.

Cropped khaki pants worn with high heeled shoes could make a nice outfit for dressy style. You will come across these in various lengths as well like calf length, short or straight fit for a classy look.

The other striking style for a comfy look is folded khaki trousers. Match your gladiator sandals with these and walk down the street in style. While you look for casual outfits, go for khaki shorts that comes with folded hems and also make best to wear the ultimate look. These trousers are rated as the best khaki outfits among the others as they provide you a decent yet matured look. Look for the fine qualities which you could make for formal business attire.

There are diverse fits and range of shades in formal trousers for you to choose from. Over-sized pants are even easily accessible that are available in an array of different styles.

How to wear them?

Ensure that these pants are paired with the right kind of top so as to make your khaki look good. Pair it with a collared turtleneck shirt or maybe a plain button shirt and simply pull off this silhouette with jeans or trouser. Basic black or white blouse even appears very classy with khaki pants. White or black T-shirt goes cool with khakis. Glossy gray or silver could be easily matched with pleated or folded pant if you wish for a trendy look. When you shop for tops or blouses; look in stripes that come in long or mega sleeves as these are just authentic when paired with khaki pants.

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