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Though, leather jackets are designed for both men and women, it is extremely important to know the difference between both this stylish outfits so that you can add grace to your own personality.

A leather jacket is undoubtedly a stylish and trendy that not only keep you warm but stays appropriately well for any situation, all season long.

In terms of fashion, a leather jacket surely brings out an outstanding appeal to the one who tends to wear it.  It can be used easily for recreational, professional or casual wardrobe.  But when it comes to buy this stunning wear, most of them do a common mistake in recognizing the jacket designed for different genders.

Differences between female and male outfits have been around since from epoch. Specifics of size, color and placement of buttons are all influenced by the fashioning vistas who intend to wear the apparel, including leather jackets. Apart from comfort and design, it is vital to choose the one that accentuates your body type and personality as well.

Difference between Men’s And Women’s Leather Jacket:-

Buttons and Zippers:-

Buttons and zippers on the female’s leather jacket are on left-hand side while for men it’s on right-hand side. The placement differences is dated when men use to put their right-hand to remove their swords while the left buttons made it easier for the right handed maids to dress-up their employees.


Sizes of men’s leather jackets are longer, taller and larger as compared to female sizes. In females, the waist-cut pattern is higher than males. In females, the jacket even has extra fabric in the upper part near the breast area and the waist size also differs a bit.


So as to allow wider necks, male leather jackets have more space in the collar. Moreover, in men the collars tend to be straight while in women it is a bit slant down in the center-front. Female collars have a rough girly touch in its appearance.


Well when it comes to pick a color of stunning leather jacket, there are innumerable options to pick from. Usually, the men’s jackets are black, but these days they can be found in light and dark grey or medium tan. While in woman, the choices are more varied including- tan, orange, pink, purple, white, red, traditional black or gray hues.

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