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Matching a Leather Blazer with Dress Pants

Posted by ON Nov 5th, 2012, AT 1:45 PM

It is easy to slip into a blazer with a cool pair of pants and call it good before stepping outside. Proper styling does play a vital role.

Without much consideration, a leather blazer can spoil your look and with that make you appear ugly, petite and unprofessional. This is actually not hot. A leather blazer which blends well with your body type can put an accent on your dress pants and revive the ones at the back of your wardrobe.

Petite women

Women who are big fashion aficionados can make an aim of pairing their dress pants with a leather blazer which could make them appear longer. Stay away from cropped styled jackets as they can make your bust area appear very short. In its place, look for a long length blazer with a cashmere style collar, a bolero styled jacket with a square cut, a pea coat or may be a corset leather blazer.

For pocket details in your blazer to store a few of your essential things in it; look for a jacket which comes with hidden pockets in the seams which can make you appear short particularly when the dress pants that you have chosen have visible pockets.

Full Figured

Pick a jacket that puts an emphasis on your best body curves for a striking appearance. Or else, the old frumpy look will only make it look as if you are woken up from your bed and went shopping in the same clothes. Women with a shorter frame can opt for a fitted style leather blazer which is single breasted and is something that will make your body look long.

Pick a blazer that sits on your hips or is big in length and stay away from wearing loose-fitting dress pants. When buying a leather blazer, look for a fitted style which puts an accent on your curves like that of a slim fit blazer and is comfortable wearing. For full figured women avoid blazer styles especially those busty and cropped ones.

Matching Color

The hot colors in leather blazers are the neutral one like basic black, gray, pale white, beige and navy as they blend well with numerous dresses and with casual pants too. If you wish to go for a more vibrant shade then opt for mix and match clothing materials. For instance, do not wear a leather blazer in red color with navy blue pants as this bizarre style is next to a fashion disaster.

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