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Pair of Shoes to Match with Leather Jumpsuits

Posted by ON Dec 18th, 2012, AT 3:00 PM

Buying a leather jumpsuit you have it made a big fashion statement. This one piece of clothing is beyond doubt a show stopper.

As you have already the owner of this lush outfit which is going to take center stage, look for shoes which go well with your look devoid stealing the main focus. Bulky shoes do not every time go with leather jumpsuits as the dimension of the jumpsuit is enough to get you into the focus.


One just cannot go wrong with this classic pair of shoes which sets off very well with almost everything which even includes a jumpsuit. A pump is even a very nice way for a woman who is of a shorter frame that it will make her legs appear longer. Look for a classic version in glossy patent leather or may be strapped sandals for this winter season.

These pumps even come with few striking details that look best when you plan to head out for a night party at your friend’s place to may be on a date. Do not make the mistake of cluttering your outfit. Stick to neutral shades like basic black for a subdued look.


This is for every gal whose legs are lengthy or those who are pleased with being small in frame. Slipping in flat shoes with a leather jumpsuit feels very casual than compared to plain shoe that comes with heels and this is why it makes excellent for weekend party goers. You will come across an array of options when it’s the talk of flats.

Whether it’s a rock party or a night out, pretty looking ballerina flats can go well for a laid back style. For a more bohemian style, try pairing a jumpsuit with flats or gladiator sandals in the winter months in solid colors.


Be it Angelina Jolie the super hot Hollywood actress or Jennifer Lopez shaking her booty in classy wedges during her concerts to the pop stars like Rihanna , all have been praised for their sexy moves wearing wedges. This is something which reminds of the 70s era. Look for these in canvas or in leather with a concealed or peep toe.

The true beauty of wedges is that it provides you extra inches on your heel without making you dressed up completely. Keep is simple and sober and steer clear from patterns or those glossy ones as this is too much to an already enticing silhouette.

So go ahead and flaunt your individual style by picking a pair of wedges which matches well with any color of leather jumpsuit.

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