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Printed Sweatshirts for today’s Men, Women and Children

Posted by ON Jan 6th, 2014, AT 2:29 PM

Article discusses the popular types of printed sweatshirts available for men, women and children and why they are immensely popular.

We have written a good number of articles on our various leather products like jackets, pants, skirts and trench coats. However, all of them are generally worn outside the house, where it serves the need of warm outer clothing as well as being a fashion statement for the wearer. Today’s article is dedicated to looking at apparels which can be worn both inside and outside the house. Printed sweatshirts turn out to be the most popular in this regard amongst men, women as well as children. Before diving into in-depth of the different types of sweatshirts, let’s first understand what actually is a Sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is defined as a loose warm sweater made of cotton, which is worn during leisure and exercising. Over the years, due to various influences, printed sweatshirts have really become popular especially in North America and European countries during the winter season. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the popular styles of wearing different sweatshirts for men, women and children.

Floral Print for Women

Floral prints look fabulous when worn by women. The flowery images indicate calmness, serene and a warm jovial feminine personality. They can be combined with cotton leggings or chinos to look dapper. You can be innovative and use contrasting colors while wearing them. For example, when one is wearing a white floral printed sweater, she could go with dark blue leggings or chinos. Wearing accessories like gold or diamonds will only add to the glamour quotient. Floral printed sweatshirts are popular amongst a lot of celebrities, if you can recall, a lot of popular sitcoms have their main female characters wearing floral printed sweaters. The casting and designing crew have had a strong instinct that wearing these would look great on them and they were right.

Graphic Printed Sweatshirts

These sweatshirts are unique because of their real life printed graphic imagery. Wearers like to wear graphic prints of their favorite stars. Each one of us adores or likes some star or celebrity and these can be a good way to sport your adulation in color and fabric. These are far more popular amongst kids, as wearing them is considered cool amongst their peer friends.

Animal Prints

These again cater to individualistic expression of fashion. Animal fur and clothing are already popular as being fabrics for leather jackets. But those who want to sport in a subtle way can consider wearing animal printed sweatshirts.

Hooded Sweatshirts

These are really popular especially among teens, who find their inspiration from the American R&B and rapper music stars. Celebrities often resort to wearing hooded sweatshirts and black glasses as a way of being secretive and avoiding the paparazzi shutterbugs.

On a concluding note, printed sweatshirts are here to stay. One could try innovating on the imagery and fabric depending on one’s own creativity. If you have a few recipes on how to wear them, do let us know. We would surely feature them in our future blogs if we find them attractive.

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