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Protective Clothing for Polar Vortex Conditions

Posted by ON Jan 13th, 2014, AT 11:58 AM

Article suggests protective clothing that one must wear in the midst of the current cold weather.

It’s all over the news; most North American states seem to be in the firm grip of the ‘Polar Vortex’ phenomenon. This has developed due to the movement of a large mass of artic air from the North Pole to hover over much of the American geography. The resulting cold waves have driven temperatures to as much as 40 degrees below zero in some states thereby making it like an artic condition, due which dwellers are scrambling for protection.

City officials of the concerned states have already issued warnings among people not to venture out unless absolutely necessary. In this article we are going to be looking at what are the extra apparel options available that one could use to layer oneself for protection from the cold weather.

Layer Methodology of Dressing for the Cold

Wearing multiple layers of clothing is a far more efficient method of preserving body heat than just wearing a single piece of bulky garment. Your clothing should in particular have three layers of fabric which should include the following:

  • Core Basic Layer

This is the first layer of basic clothing which is first laid on the skin. One should ensure that it is soft, comfortable and able to absorb perspiration. The ability of the fabric to absorb sweat and perspiration is important in preserving body heat.

  • Mid Insulation Layer

This is the most variable layer and can be padded up or down depending on the comfort and how cold the weather condition is prevalent outside.

  • Outer layer or Shell Layer

These are in a sense your final line of defense against the winter elements. You should make sure that the material is wind proof and depending on your requirement water proof. Make sure you opt for jackets that have hoods to ensure protection for your ears and head.

In addition to the above layers of clothing, it’s also important to wear protective clothing like woolen gloves for one’s hands, head gear, and feet. It’s very important to wear woolen socks and good boots during the extremely cold days. During the cold season hypothermia and frost bites are prevalent and among the best ways to fight them is by staying at home and being insulated.

Hope you have read this article, let’s hope that the prevalent polar vortex conditions lose steam and we all go back to enjoying the very best of the remaining winter season.

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