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Quick Ways for a Dirt Free Leather Jacket

Posted by ON Nov 29th, 2012, AT 4:00 PM

Nothing can in actual fact measure up to the immediate dose of classy and cool which a leather jacket adds to an ensemble.

But leather outfits do not come inexpensive and cannot be even done without washing them well. So how does one exactly keep this stunning piece of jacket clean and look as if it’s new.

Daily maintenance

As leather jackets do not need regular washes such as ordinary clothes of clothing, there are a few quick as well as easy works you must do in order to keep your leather in a good condition. Make use of a dry cloth and duster between tough wears. Doing this will keep your leather fabrics looking fresh and free from dirt which gets accumulated by the outside weather. You can even make use of a saddle soap which is easily accessible from nearby stores that helps in conditioning your leather frequently.

Spot Cleaning

Leather must always be spot cleaned. You have an array of natural home remedies which are really very effective, non pollutant and here you do not even have to shell a lot of money on expensive chemical products. Make a fine paste with lime juice and tartar cream. When the paste becomes very soft, apply it on the stained area and keep it for some time until and unless the solution doesn’t get absorbed in it. If you still find some spot on the leather jacket then let the cream be on it for few more hours.

In order to get rid of the dirt, make a thin solution by mixing white vinegar and water and then apply it over the jacket. Do not make the mistake of immersing your leather pieces into this solution as you will only do harm to it.

Tough Stains

Accidents do happen and this is where your leather jacket might encounter with a problem. Well before taking your jacket to a professional cleaner try a home remedy. Take dish washing liquid in a bowl and apply it on the spot area with a wet cloth.


Few people might tell you to fill in the leather patches by taking a marker of the same color. Well this might sound simple to you but doing so will really create a big blunder. You can try dabbing the area with refined white vinegar that wisps the leather up. The other way to get this done is by applying a saddle soap with the help of a wet cloth. This might to a certain extent help getting rid of the scratch.

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