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Six Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Posted by ON Nov 19th, 2012, AT 1:00 PM

Are you the one who crib about not having many clothes then below listed few suggested clothing can help you.

Little Black Dress

This one is the basic and very vital piece in a woman’s closet. The little black dress still stands as a personal favorite among women due to its versatility which it offers. Choose a dress like this in a sexy neckline and back designs. You can wear it as a single piece and relying on the designs, this can even be worn with leggings if you are heading out for a casual event or you can even combine it with a shrug in order to tone down the look.

Pencil Skirts

This is an ideal item for women that provide a feminine as well as a sophisticated look. When matched with medium heels, these can make you appear strictly professional and if it’s a classy look at what you are longing for then blend it with stilettos or high heeled shoes. Pencil skirts are for sure a must have piece for any woman who desired to be at the top when it comes to fashion. Combine these with skirts or informal tops to set off with any occasion that you are attending.


This may at times hurt your heel on the other hand few things are always required to be ignored when it is the talk of fashion. A huge majority of the women might not wholly agree but a pair of basic black stilettos is without a doubt a must have. Formal meetings or a night out party, these are bound to go with formal business attire as well as party wear. This footwear is sexy and highly stylish and can give away any outfit a feminine look.

Denim Jeans

A proper fit of jeans is something which is difficult to get for many women. As a result, the times when you come across jeans which really flatter your body frame then go for it. This item gives you an informal as well as a sensual look. Pair it up with tees, short skirts or a sequined halter. There are arrays of ways you can come up with a pair of well fitted jeans.

Fitted jackets

Pick a good quality jacket which is neither too long nor short same like a shrug. Choose an amazing silhouette and don it with your formal wear or team it up with a dress. Sounds simple but does wonders for your body. The reason why jackets are suggested is that they form an important part of a closet and can be matched with any outfit and display diverse looks.

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