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Leather shorts can bring boldness and classiness to one’s getup. Here are some of my favorite ideas that you can think of while pairing up your leather shorts with other wears.

While media have spotted many celebrities donning on the style in sexy leather shorts this summer, but this really doesn’t mean that this trend is going anywhere. Recently, Rachel Bilson was asked about her must have wardrobe outfit that can slip on style and comfort in the winter fashioning trend, the only answer she had was- leather shorts!

So if you haven’t yet spent your penny to procure this cool looking apparel, then I would suggest you to do so. With some go-to-go bottoms and complimenting tops, you can simply get on the style statement in you this winter.

Leather shorts are not only a trend going piece of clothing but a fantastic wear that offers you an alternative for both skirt and pants. Well, let’s face the fact that everyone loves options when it comes to blend clothing options.

Though leather outfits may seem like trickier style to put on but you might surprised to know they are much easier to be dressed then you think.

Below given are some chic ideas to wear leather shorts:-

  • Team your leather shorts with tee, tuxedo jacket, tee, and classic black close-toed pumps.
  • Pair it up with a wispy blouse, opaque tights, patterned black tights and a felt fedora black hat so as to add romantic vibe.
  • These rocker shorts will look fantastic if blended with a contrasting feminine blouse and some dainty accessories.
  • If you are wearing a high waist leather shorts then cope them up with a stylishly cropped sweater and classy low-rise booties.
  • As leather shorts are superbly fitted and tend to show the curves, and then you can even wear it with a loosely fitted top. You can either tuck in or out depending on what hits best on your waist.
  • In case if you are picking in the top that is too long and is hiding much of your shorts, then baby… you need to get it tucked!
  • Skip the tights it the climate is not so chill outside, but if it turns wintery, pull on a contrasting knit tights like a pair of stretch heather gray so as to stay warm and cozy.

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