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The All in One Style- Metallic Leather Skirts

Posted by ON Nov 23rd, 2012, AT 5:00 PM

Metallics have all the time been in vogue as far as you wear them in the right manner. The one good thing about these metal pieces is that you only require one simple piece to put together a huge chunk and make a highly bold statement.

Do not go overboard with these stuffs i.e. from head to toe in metallic colors or you will be on the verge of committing a huge blunder on your entire personality just as the lost person in a big crowd. By reading this article you will come to know about adding a basic piece such as a metallic leather skirt in your closet in the best way and you are all there to appear chic and stylish to the public.

Pick a nice fitted plain white tank top and simply tuck it with a metallic leather skirt. Here you could pick anything with a hint of metallic in it as you are wearing a neutral plain top over it. Complete this sexy look with a cool pair of basic black peep toe pumps or bit of high heeled shoes and there you are all set to burn the floor.

Pick a leather pencil skirt in the same shade with a tucked basic black tan or may be a cropped blazer. This is a real nice way to make your legs appear longer and with that show off a super striking sophisticated figure. Pencil leather skirts are extremely hot on the other hand this silhouette is even completely appropriate in the workplace as well. The dark color of the shirt and jacket blends well with this formal attire. For a quick changeover you can hit off the club merely by adding a clutch bag and just add a super high heeled shoes.

Look for a nice gold metallic mid length leather skirt which just hits below the knee and simply team it up with a white T-shirt. Add a few accessories such as a gold embellished design bracket. Strappy high heeled sandals can do the work of toning down the outfit to a certain extent and bring out a fantastic silhouette if you plan to go out for a night out with your friends or on a date.

A stunning leather skirt goes well with opaque tights. Even though this is anything but apt for work, wear them on diverse events with an immediate change of a nice sheer blouse or maybe a top. An ill fitted white T-shirt and a vest is a nice duo for an evening out or a new club.

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