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The ICY World of Puffer and Down Jackets

Posted by ON Jan 7th, 2014, AT 11:36 AM

The article looks at giving readers various options on Puffer and down jackets. It gives suggestions on what to look out for when shopping for them.

What is a Puffer jacket?

A jacket that is a thick padded is referred to as a Puffer Jacket. It’s referred to as a “puffer” due to its puff like appearance. These outfits are popular across North America, Europe and other colder territories, as they provide a warm sheath of protective covering to individuals. They have various variants, but most popular among them are the ones with fur covering. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular puffer and down jackets. Also, let’s look at what we should keep in mind when we go shopping for these Jackets.

Belted Puffer Coats

If it’s freezing cold and wearing a sweatshirt to office won’t suffice, then choosing a belted puffer coat over your shirt would do you good. On a freezing morning, wearing these will not only keep you warm, but make good winter fashion sense as well.

Printed Quilted Puffer

If you are watching a live football game during winter, then wearing a printed quilted puffer coat will help keep you warm. Available in various colors, wearing them is bound to get you a good set of admirers.

Red Hot Puffer and Down Jackets

Red colored puffer jackets can be great when is one is going skiing, as the loud red color will help you get noticed easily in the white snow. Down jackets are considered to be highly effective in keeping one warm during the winter. Down jacket is a jacket filled with soft feathers of geese or duck and the outer layer is composed of nylon or polyester material. One should bear in mind some common tips before proceeding and buying a down jacket.

These include:

  1. Taking note of the jackets fill power, which represents fullness of the jacket. It is calculated as the number of cubic inches of the jacket that one ounce fills up. As a general thumb rule, a bigger fill number means better insulation.
  2. Buying a down jacket of an appropriate weight. It’s very important that the buyer understands his or her needs and buys a suitable jacket. If the buyer is a backpacker and is constantly on the move, he/she could choose a lighter down jacket that will not wear him/her down; else, a normal down jacket (500 or more fill power) should serve the purpose right.
  3. Check for quality material: It is highly advisable to carefully test the down jacket for any poking feathers, as evidence of these will suggest that the outer material is not strong enough. Some down jackets also come with an extra protective layer, which further ensures that the wearer stays warm and dry.
  4. Good stitching and construction: Down jackets should not be a temporarily investment thereby, take your time and be wise to buy a jacket that will match your body type. A suggestion here will be to try the jacket and stretch one’s arms backwards to ensure that that it’s not too tight or too loose.

On a concluding note, these jackets are meant for people living in extremely cold countries. We recommended that you purchase only after making a thoughtful consideration, as it wouldn’t do any good if these jackets are lying unused in your wardrobe.

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