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Women with a pear shaped body type can opt for a skirt that fits well. You have a pear shaped body then get a leather skirt and have it altered accordingly.

Planning to buy a basic black skirt then make sure to pick one that fits well at the waist. You can pick a skirt in any fabric that you crave as per to the type of weather and here is where a leather material have its say. Unlike a black pleated skirt, leather pencil skirts can be worn by a huge majority of the women given that the skirt fits well.

A pencil leather skirt lets you an extremely stylish look and as a result is just perfect for work ad due to its sheer flexibility, you can try it on it many other diverse ways. From donning it with a classic shirt to a blouse top, there are numerous ways which can be used to swathe your pencil skirt and make it an enviable fashion clothing piece of item.

The first step to your glamour world is to wear a basic black pencil skirt and pair it up with a tank top in a more neutral shade. Top it off with a blazer which could be in the same material of leather or a well defined jacket. Leave the jacket unbuttoned.  Add accessories such as earrings and bangles for a conventional look.

Hunting for the ideal way to wear a skirt at the workplace then the best alternative is to wear it with a classic checkered shirt. Well who said that checks are only meant for men! This shirt style of pattern is a big talk on the fashion scenario. Add a lace or belt in an eye catching color and slip into stilettos in the same color of the belt. This one makes up for the hottest trends of the year. Do not go overboard and keep the look simple.

A pencil leather skirt for sure is a casual attire but you can consider wearing it to a wedding as well. Bring on the fifties style by adding a silk scarf or a blouse in a ravishing color. The other alternative would be wearing a skirt with a plain white blouse and adding a sash around the waist.

For the fashion enthusiasts women remember that when you wear a leather skirt you are creating a style statement. No need to overpower your fashion taste with too much of accessories. Stick to basic accessories that keep you on the focus.

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