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The Tempting Allure of 80’s Style

Posted by ON Dec 5th, 2012, AT 12:30 PM

Many women in today’s time would comment that fashion in the 80’s must stay in that era itself and never make a comeback.

But recently the top fashion experts have been suggesting these 80’s magic for every woman who is a big fashion enthusiast. In that era, any style which was revealed on the fashion scenario would it make it a big hit. Comfort was not the main factor as anything which was worn by women would make them start of the night. The same theme is being followed in this period with a touch of feminism and flamboyance.

One thing which was common right from the makeup to the clothes and accessories then it was neon colors. Right from bright shades of light ocean colors, every single thing was considered a flawless item when it came to fashion.


The shirts in the 80’s style are one of the very few items which the fashion experts suggest women to think of wearing even today more appropriately the formal ones. 80’s was the era of fine dressing where this tradition is still being followed till date and as a result is an equal part of the corporate world. Proper or quality dressing includes shirts with shoulder pads in cotton or wool fabric. An accessory that matches well with these more or less includes pearls and other refined diamonds that could make any man go nuts.

During those times, business suits were more common and often worn by women while making a presentation or formal meetings. These outfits reveal a zest of authority and significance.

Mini Skirts

If there is one thing that cannot be left behind while talking about 80’s fashion trends then they are miniskirts. These were the most “often worn” piece of clothing that still comes in both formal and casual wear. For your best pick, go shopping online where you are sure to find the perfect length of miniskirt in an array of collection. The color palette in these includes basic black, pale white and gray for formal wear whereas for casual wear burnt orange, hot pink and green are best suited. A basic black mini length skirt was something a woman had in her closet during the 80’s.


It would be very strange if you don’t find a denim pant in a woman’s closet. Well denim pants were in fashion these days but the trend has seen a rapid change. You can look for stylish tops and blouse which best suits your personality and a pair of peep toe shoes that balances your entire body.

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