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Things to Keep Your Skin Look Beautiful At 30

Posted by ON Dec 6th, 2012, AT 3:31 PM

Women in their 30s are more or less very vivacious and a lot confident than they were in their 20s. And on the other hand this is the time when the warning signs of aging show and might perhaps begin to be upsetting.

A good skin care therapy or routine can lend a hand in keeping the glow and also add a youthful look the way you had in your 20s while still being tougher and more experienced woman that you have become at the present age.

Use a sunscreen lotion every day

Sun injury usually starts to show in the 30s and if by now you still haven’t begun with preventive measures then it is for sure the time for you to start. Few of the cosmetics now even come with a sun block included in it but whichever lotion you buy make sure that it contains an SPF 15 or else the occurrence of skin breakage is expected.

Moisturize your skin.

You might observe that the skin is a bit drier than what it was when you were in your 20s. This could be a nice thing if you have an extreme oily skin on the other hand for the most part of the people a moisturizer is a good way to make your skin look clean and healthy. Look for an everyday moisturizer that includes vitamin C and E as both of these lend a hand in absorbing it into the skin and hold in moisture.

Have green tea in the morning

What you intake in the body will automatically be reflected on the exterior of the body that is the skin. Green tea contains antioxidants this is the reason for why a lot of health experts recommended people having green tea as it is believed that green tea can help turn around the skin damage and could even reduce the effect of other injuring agents on the skin.

Cleanse away your skin every day

Keeping the skin will assist in the maintaining the skin’s complexion light. It will even do away with break outs that regrettably are expecting the time when you turn 30.

Apply a toner after cleansing

This will help in making your skin look smooth and lock up the pores in order to get rid of all the harmful dirt as well as oil from blocking them up. This is why it is always good to use a toner after you clean your face before hitting the bed.


Use an exfoliating scrub three to five times a week as this will lend a hand in shedding the dead cells off from the skin as well as the dull layer that naturally grows up over time and leaves behind a fresh and healthy layer of skin. Every morning you can use a cleanser with essential acids in it to exfoliate.


Do not sleep with your makeup on as this will only block pores and makes it tough to keep the skin clear.

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