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Three Useful Ways to Care Your Leather Chaps

Posted by ON Dec 10th, 2012, AT 10:48 AM

Leather biker chaps being the best friend of riders, they require precise washing techniques so that it can withstand its toughness for upcoming years.

Over time, leather biker chaps is going to take a lot of wear and tears as well as beating, thus it entrails rigorous cleaning, maintaining, regular washing and appropriate conditioning.

Regardless of tough weather, riders prefer leather motorcycle chaps as they play a perfect role in protecting jeans from dirt and stains. Simultaneously, this purpose urges them as exceptional working pants for different tasks that are bound to make your clothes dirty.

Just because this fantastic wear constitutes the barrier between the dirt and your daily wear doesn’t mean that you should not keep it clean. Here are some excellent phases of a safe and effective cleaning procedure that you think about while cleaning your leather chaps.


  • In order to care for and make the most of the stain-removal ability, it is obligatory to fill the washing machine with a hot water and add half cup of mild laundry detergent to it by. Place your chaps in this solution.
  • Avoid continuing the cycle for more than the fraction of two minutes.
  • Switch off the washing machine and remove the leather chaps from it. Apply stain treatment solution on the layer of chaps both inside and out.
  • However, make sure that the layer of solution should not be more than a quarter of an inch.

Washing process:-

  • Before putting your leather chaps in the washing machine, ensure that all the zips are properly closed and turn them inside out. This will help you from the risk of damaging the chaps as well as tub of washing machine.
  • You can run the washing machine as normally you do till the washing process ends up.
  • If you want to use fabric softener, verify whether it contains any sorts of dye. This is helpful but not so required. Use it only in case if your leather chaps has too many colors.


  • After the washing cycle ends up, allow air dry to your leather chaps.
  • You can even hang it outside, but pick a shady place so as to avert the discoloration caused by UV rays.

Besides this, make sure that your leather chaps is completely free from water so that it do not shrink.

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