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Tips to Choose the Right Leather Material

Posted by ON Mar 24th, 2014, AT 2:18 PM

Article illustrates what are the different types of leather; it also gives pointers to help the reader distinguish while choosing them.

Leather has been part and parcel of our wardrobe since the stone ages, when cave men hunted animals and extracted their skins to make necessary clothing. The evolution of it as a fashionable apparel is relatively recent, there are many varieties of it today sourced from the skin of different animals. Today’s article elaborates its different types as well as gives helpful pointers to keep in mind when choosing a good hide.

Made from the skin of different animals modern day leather is sourced mainly from cattle, goat, sheep and pigskin. Though it is available in many different forms it can put in three broad categories i.e. Aniline, Semi aniline and Pigmented.

Aniline is considered the most natural looking amongst the three due to its natural visible surface. Prepared by treating the hide with specific soluble dyes the resulting product retains original color as well as the ‘grain’ in its purest form. A lot of importance is given to the ‘dyes’ whose treatment is used hence its can be referred to as full aniline or fully sauvage to differentiate between dye treatments and variants.

Tips to identify it

  • The feel of the material will be buttery and soft.
  • On lightly scratching, a light colored scratch mark appears which is a shade lower than the surrounding color.

Semi Aniline is pure with a small portion of dye, which allows the original color of the hide to show through. The dye is also responsible for increased durability of the material. This combination of the very best of aniline and dye technology has resulted in its worldwide popularity.

Aniline leather

Tips to identify it

  • On scratching, it there will be no lighter shade visible and the original color will remain intact.
  • The material should have sheen to it.

 Pigmented Leather

It is the most durable types among the three and hence is widely used especially in furniture upholstery and car upholstery (car seats etc.).  Its durability is achieved through the usage of multiple pigments and dyes, which bring about a polymer surface coating. This surface coating is what gives the manufacturers extra control over properties of the leather like resistance, scuffing or fading.Pigmented Leather

Tips to identify it

  • You will notice that the feel of the grain is not buttery but rather rough, e.g. Car seats wherein it is evident multiple coats are provided to a very polished but sturdy feel to the leather.

On a conclusive note, now researchers in the industry are now looking out for a material that though similar to aniline should be lighter and must have the sturdiness, durability and resistance offered by pigmented materials.

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