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Tips to Clean Kids Leather Coats

Posted by ON Nov 26th, 2012, AT 6:00 PM

Leather jackets for kids are great leather apparels to give your kid an alluring look. These jackets or coats will suit your kid for any party, picnic or other occasion.

These coats impart a unique look on your kid making him/her stand apart from other kids in the crowd. These are available in various designs, patterns and forms as well as in a multitude of shades and colors to entice your kids. For girls on the other hand, these are available in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, blue or pink. The broad variety of choices available allows you to select the one, which matches to the skin tone and body of your kid aptly.

Now, comes the maintenance part. As we know that kids do tend to roll on floor and move around every now and then. In fact, their clothes suffer the most when it comes to damages resulting from playing around. In addition, it is certainly a task to keep an eye on them as well as their clothes when they are out there playing.


Leather coats for kids tend to get dirty very easily. The lining, cuffs and collars are the areas that are prone to get extremely dirty. Further, it is quite difficult to make a kid understand significance of keeping the jacket clean and tidy. However, it is possible to clean them by following the below-mentioned tips:


  • After your kid is done wearing the coat, immediately look out for dirt stains or marks on the collar, lining and cuffs of coat
  • If you find any stain, then rub out the marks with water and soap
  • Do it gently to avoid inducing the crack on coat.
  • Ensure that you apply a good moisturizer on the jacket to keep it moist


  • Avoid putting the jacket in a closet if it gets wet, instead put it on the floor to dry naturally
  • Avoid putting it in a plastic cover or bag
  • Avoid frequent and harsh washing techniques to avoid losing the coat’s luster
  • Make use of plastic hangers for hanging the jacket. This allows for easy sliding of the coat from your closet.
  • Try to keep the coat away from water as much as possible. Leather has the ability to resist water, but only for a shorter duration. This might cause watermarks on the jacket.
  • Lastly, though tricky, try to explain your kid about how to care for the coat.

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